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Maria Vole

Maria is a GoStudent learning expert originally from Norway, but based in London. She holds a Masters degree from The University of Edinburgh and has long experience in teaching languages to both children and adults. Maria has a strong interest in education and is eager to make you learn more on developing your kid’s study skills.

Apprenticeship vs University: Which is Better?

It can be hard for teens to decide whether to go to university or take on an apprenticeship. Find out here which might be the best option for your teenager!

How to Help Your Child Find the Right Field of Study

Encouraging your kid to pursue their interests can help them determine what they might like to study in the future – and maybe even start a career in.

What is Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)?

Worried that your child may have APD? Check out our guide to find out everything you need to know about Auditory Processing Disorder.

How to Create a Facebook Account for Kids

Facebook can easily connect your kids to family and friends. Find out how with our helpful guide!

How to Deal With Asperger's in Children

Do you think your child might have Asperger’s? Asperger’s can be difficult to deal with. Take a look at our guide on Asperger’s in children.

Top 5 Phonics Games for Kids

Would you like to help your child develop their reading skills? Check out these 5 fab phonics games to help them along!

Halloween Food Ideas

Putting together a Halloween bash for your kids but aren’t sure what to serve? Check out our roundup of the best Halloween food ideas for your party!

The Complete Guide to Montessori Schools

Are you thinking of sending your child to a Montessori school? Our guide to this type of schooling will help you decide!

Everything You Need to Know About Waldorf Schools

Are you thinking about sending your child to a Waldorf school? Our helpful guide will tell you everything you need to know!

Duolingo Review: Does it Actually Work?

Would you like to work on your language skills? Check out our review of Duolingo to see whether the app might help you!

Learning With the Feynman Technique

What is the Feynman Technique? Where did it come from? And can it help your students to learn more effectively? We have the answers, top tips and more.

Understanding Clinginess in Children

Is your child clingy? Our guide to understanding clinginess in childhood will help you understand it better.

University of Oxford: How to Get Admitted

The How To of Oxford Admission – an easy to use guide when applying to Oxford.

What's the Best Language Learning App?

Apps can be very helpful for learning a new language – but what is the best app out there? GoStudent has the answer!

This Is How You Thrive As A Blended Family

These days, many families are so-called ‘blended families’ – made up of stepchildren and step-parents.