What's the Best Language Learning App?


1. What are the best apps for language learning?
2. What is the best free app to learn a language?
3. Do foreign language learning apps really work?


Are you worried that your child has been missing out on important language learning in school during the lockdown? Modern technology has made it easier than ever before to learn a new language. 

Apps can help you work on your language skills and learn in the most effective and convenient way, but with so many good language learning apps available on the market today, you may be wondering which is the best one. Well, GoStudent is here to help – keep reading to find out what our favourite language learning apps are!


What is the best app for language learning?


There are many apps available that are specifically designed to aid people in their journey towards mastering a new language. 🌐 

The most popular language learning apps at the moment include: 

The best language learning apps specifically for kids include: 

Beyond these child-specific apps, the popular language learning apps adults use also work very well for kids. Duolingo is a great example, with its simple design and kid-friendly visuals.

Learning an additional language has been proven to help kids become more creative, develop their communication and problem-solving skills. Children who have learned a second language generally score better on tests – so there are many reasons for encouraging your child to try it out! 

There are some great contenders on the market, and some are tailored especially well for certain languages – so it’s best to look into the apps that are best suited for the language you want to learn.

If you’re interested in learning a dead language, 📜 Duolingo caters surprisingly well for this, with courses in both Latin and Ancient Greek on their free-to-use app.  

These apps have been the biggest contenders on the language learning app market for years, but new apps are being developed each year. Looking ahead to 2022, it’s likely that Duolingo and Babbel will continue to dominate the space – but with technology advancing at a rapid rate, we can expect new, dynamic and fun solutions within this space over the next few years.

What is the best free app to learn a language?


You’ll find a range of language learning apps available on the market today. While some of these are paid options, you’ll also find some great free apps that will help you master that new language you’re interested in.

The best free language learning apps on the market today are Duolingo, Memrise and Busuu. These great platforms offer a huge amount of content completely free, and their dynamic and interactive design makes keeping up with your lessons easier and more appealing. 

Given how challenging it is to learn a new language, you may be thinking to yourself, “why even bother?”. The fact of the matter is, learning a foreign language has many benefits and can take you places you never imagined in your career or personal life. 🌎

If your child is working on their language skills, but needs more personal attention than language apps and independent work can provide, lessons with an online tutor may be just the ticket. Our tutors offer 1-1 sessions in a range of different languages, and would be happy to help your child learn. 

Do language apps really work? 


Anyone who has ever tried to learn another language knows that it’s a challenging task. Learning a new language requires dedication and effort over a long period of time, and staying consistent is key. 🗝️

Language learning apps have been proven to be effective for many people who are working on their language skills. Whether you’re totally fresh to a new language and want to start at the basics or would like to brush up on your existing language skills, apps are a great tool for developing your knowledge and expertise. 

These helpful apps can also make learning more fun and dynamic, which is especially important for young learners. Apps aimed at helping kids develop their language skills can be hugely beneficial for children, since these often have a gamified design which makes learning a breeze. ⭐   

If you haven’t already tried using a language learning app, we hope this article convinced you to give it a go! You’re sure to find it a fun and effective way to boost your learning and comprehension.

For kids, apps are a must when it comes to learning a new language or developing existing language skills – they can make learning fun!

If your child could need a little extra help with a language they’re learning, why not try out online tutoring with GoStudent? You can schedule a free taster class so you and your kid can see what it’s all about! 🚀

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