Our 12 Favourite Parenting Podcasts UK to Help You Raise Your Child


  1. Happy Mum Happy Baby
  2. Crib Notes - Things Parents Google at 3 AM
  3. Motherkind
  4. Dad’s Guide to Twins
  5. Scummy Mummies
  6. Bun in the Oven
  7. Mum’s the word
  8. The Parent Hood
  9. Not Another Mummy Podcast 
  10. Made by Mammas
  11. Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance
  12. Dadcast

Being a new parent can be intimidating. Each child is different, and so are their tantrums. There is no singular method that can help every new parent solve all the problems that come their way. Word of mouth, TED Talks, and parenting podcast UK can prove to be great guiding agents, but the sheer volume of information out there can end up making you feel anxious, confused and often even overwhelmed. 

The key is to stick to one or two modes of information consumption and to find content that resonates with you. Many new parents are now turning to the best parenting podcasts as their go-to medium for parenting tips. Why? Because being a new parent requires you to be physically present for your baby at all times. This leaves little to no room (or time) for the consumption of other audio-visual media

One of the other big advantages of consuming information via parenting podcasts is that it allows you to do other hands-on activities simultaneously. Many of the best parenting podcasts also have a nice, engaged community of parents where you can discuss your problems and share tips, laughs and even concerns with other young parents.

However, it is extremely important to choose your podcasts wisely, as incorrect or incomplete information could have negative effects on your parenting decisions.  We’ve put together a list of the best parenting podcasts to give you the guidance and support you need as a new parent. woman listening to podcast

#1. Happy Mum, Happy Baby

First on our list, Happy Mum, Happy Baby is an amazing podcast focused on honest and relatable parenting tips and stories. It is hosted by Giovanna Fletcher, a bestselling author, also popularly known popularly as Queen of the Jungle. 

Happy Mum, Happy Baby is a simple, endearing reminder to young moms that they’re doing amazing work and are deeply valued both as mothers and women. Every episode of the podcast features an interview with a celebrity parent who talks about the ups and downs of their parenting journey. We recommend tuning into this podcast because it can prove to be a very healthy, reassuring exercise to listen to other parents’ troubles and how they managed to solve them.


#2. Crib Notes - Things Parents Google at 3 am

Paediatrician and new mum Dr Sarah Blackstock and broadcaster and dad-to-be Rick Kelsey host this interactive parenting podcast. Crib Notes follows a question and answer style, where both experts answer questions that are likely to be helpful to young parents.

The questions are mostly about much-needed medical advice related to infant nutrition and baby development. Both Blackstock and Kelsey answer all parenting questions in a warm, articulate manner that helps listeners feel both educated and reassured. This podcast is especially helpful for inquisitive parents who feel like they always have more questions than answers when it comes to parenting. So what better way to soothe  your doubts than hearing from experts? 


#3. Motherkind

Hailed as one of the UK’s best, this parenting podcast is both founded and hosted by Zoe Blaskey, a female entrepreneur and life coach who aims to educate and empower busy mothers who feel alienated from the entire process of raising a child. 

Blaskey firmly believes that the best gift to give children is attention and happiness, and every mother can do this regardless of what their everyday schedule looks like. Her episodes advise young mothers to slow down, protect their energy, reconnect with themselves, and find inner joy. Blaskey also often calls guests on the show who then share their wisdom and insights into the entire parenting process. This parenting podcast UK is recommended for mothers who find it difficult to fully connect with the process of raising a baby, which can be down to a wide variety of factors.. 


#4. Dad's Guide to Twins

In this podcast that caters explicitly to dads, author Joe Rawlinson hosts and discusses his experience of raising twins. He delves into topics like  health, sleep, finances, and various other topics that he experienced while raising two children simultaneously.

While this podcast primarily focuses on the experience of raising multiple children at once, Rawlinson’s valuable insights and anecdotes can prove extremely useful to all parents in general. Dad’s Guide to Twins looks at parenting from a very practical perspective which can be extremely helpful for parents who believe in that kind of parenting philosophy. Rawlinson has also written a phenomenal book where he shares some of the many points that he discusses in the podcast.


#5. Scummy Mummies

Scummy Mummies is a thoroughly entertaining and relatable podcast hosted by the comedians Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn. They provide parents with insight into raising their children, offering tips on homeschooling, tupperware parties, IVF, and parenting guilt, amongst other things. 

The podcast also includes interviews with guest stars, such as Clare Balding and Millie Mackintosh, who share their own anecdotes and insights with the audience. Scummy Mummies is the perfect podcast for parents who are looking for a light, tea-time podcast to tune into. That being said, it does tackle important practical and emotional issues related to parenting, albeit from a lighter point of view. 


#6. Bun In The Oven

This is one of the best parenting podcasts and is hosted by Hollie Grant, who talks about the struggles of being an expecting and new parent. The subject matter is extremely diverse, covering everything from going through pregnancy alone, to dealing with endometriosis, to being same-sex parents, to the process of IVF and egg/sperm donation. 

This podcast is particularly recognised because of its openness and honesty while answering questions and busting prevalent parenting myths. 


#7. Mums The Word

Hosted by Ashly James, this podcast is all about making light of strenuous situations. James is raw, unfiltered, and hilarious in her discussions about what life has been like for her since the birth of her first child. She has various conversations with different people, from her friends to celebrity experts, to listeners even, making the podcast extremely interactive and conversational. So if you are looking for a different parent’s perspective about parenting in general, we highly recommend this podcast.


#8. The Parent Hood

Hosted by Marina Fogle and Dr Chiara Hunt, this podcast provides a deep insight into pediatric health and psychology. Conversations on this parenting podcast UK include tips for new parents on communicating with their baby, sleep cycles, and children’s immunity. Fogle and Hunt answer many popular questions asked by new parents and occasionally invite guest experts as well. 


#9. Not Another Mummy Podcast

Alison Perry hosts this great parenting podcast that features detailed, empathetic conversations about family life, mum guilt, miscarriages, diets, and parenthood. One of the biggest plus points about this podcast is its relatability, stemming from Perry’s personal experiences being a mother of three. Perry has a very compassionate yet practical outlook toward parenting which is refreshing to see. 


#10. Made by Mammas

This podcast, hosted by Zoe Hardman and Georgia Dayton, focuses on the initial stages of motherhood. The tone of this popular parenting podcast is friendly and cheerful. The hosts provide judgemental free advice on various aspects of motherhood, like breast and bottle-feeding, ‘mummy fashion’, and the rules of sleeping as a new mom. ‘Made by Mammas’ is interactive, especially on Fridays when Hardman and Dayton invite listeners to send them questions they have about anything to do with motherhood. 


#11. Rose and Rosie: Parental Guidance

Hosts Rose and Rosie focus their popular parenting podcast on a range of topics, like relationship advice for newly single parents or making mistakes and learning from them. The podcast also talks about the process of getting ready for a baby and what bringing them home can be like, based on their personal experiences. The tone of this podcast is casual (many episodes feature impromptu conversations with the host’s peers and close friends). Rose and Rosie keep it light, funny, and real.   


#12. Dadcast

Dadcast, as the name suggests, is a community of new dads who just want the extra support of people in the same position as them. The podcast is hosted by four dads, Adrian Barry, Nathan Murphy, Dave McIntyre and Ger Gilroy, who chat candidly about all the mistakes they made in parenting over the years.

They are painfully honest, shedding light on the good, the bad and the shockingly ugly about being young parents. This podcast is light, funny and highly relatable for dads struggling to adapt to living with the addition to the family. Aside from the candour, we recommend this podcast because it is one of the very few good ones out there that focus on a man’s perspective on parenting. 


Becoming a new parent can be a daunting, anxiety-inducing experience for many. However, it’s important to remember that all of your concerns are normal and well-founded.

We hope this list of best parenting podcasts helps you find all that you are looking for to ensure you can improve your relationship with your child and help them as they grow up. Apart from listening to the best parenting podcasts, we recommend interacting with other new parents, surfing the internet for doubts and most of all, interacting with your toddler to understand their point of view.

Happy parenting!