Which Are the Best Online Economics Courses?


  1. Can you study economics online?
  2. What should you keep in mind while studying economics?
  3. What are some of the best economics courses online?

Modern economics is undoubtedly a fascinating field. As the field advances, we are constantly learning new things about the functioning and development of world economies. Simply put, there is a lot that is yet to be discovered and understood about the subject.  

Its diverse applications in a number of different sectors make it an excellent career choice. Depending on the branch of economics you plan to pursue, you can use the knowledge to do anything from managing your own SMB to running financial institutions. 🏦

However, the economics curriculum adopted by most schools in the U.K. is not enough to achieve this. Most of the current economics syllabus is either outdated or has gaping holes, making it extremely difficult to apply this knowledge practically. 

This is why online economics courses are so important. These online courses often touch upon important topics that schools breeze over. They ensure that you learn practical skills that make you highly employable as an economics major. 🎓 So, how can you select the best online economics course? Let’s find out. 

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Can you study economics online?


Absolutely. A number of distant learning websites/platforms on the internet offer amazing subject courses. Everything from rocket science to macroeconomics can now be mastered with the help of online courses. The only things to keep in mind while picking an economics course online are: 

  • Credible platform 💻

It is a good idea to find out more about a platform before choosing a course on it. Is the platform a part of a respected organisation? If not, is it at least affiliated with one? (The leading ones have several affiliations with some of the best universities in the world). How many trusted users does the platform currently boast? What are the reviews about the platform and the course? The answers to these questions tell you everything you should know about a platform before enrolling on its courses. 

  • Good faculty 👨‍🏫

While this might seem a little too obvious, many often forget to enquire about the tutors teaching the courses. It is a good practice to check the credentials, relevant qualifications, and work history of the tutors teaching the online course. 

  • Course syllabus 📖

Is the online course as comprehensive as it claims to be? Here you can understand what the course will teach you and understand the use case for your plans. Online courses that include more complex topics might require you to do some light reading or even an introductory course or two. 


What should you keep in mind while studying economics?


Here are a few tips that can help you study, understand, and apply economics better: 

1. Brush up on arithmetic 🔢

Naturally, economics requires dealing with numbers and basic arithmetic operations quite often. Not being able to add or multiply on the fly (at least fairly basic numbers - all economics students are not human calculators) can slow you down while studying economics. While it is a logical and intellectual subject, being good with numbers just gives you that extra edge to think quicker and progress faster.

2. Have a working knowledge of social sciences 

One of the most fascinating (and confusing) things about economics is that it isn’t always the same for everyone. How banks, financial institutions and, in turn, entire economies function depends a lot on social, historical and geopolitical factors. Being completely clueless about these things can make it difficult for you to understand many driving factors.

3. Build up analytical skills 🧠

Analytics plays a big part in economics. Disciplines like macroeconomics require you to study trends and extrapolate information from them. While this sounds like you’ll have to read a lot of graphs and pie charts, that’s not the only thing it entails. Analysing data can sometimes be as simple as using the per-capita income figure from a region to arrive at a conclusion that helps your theory. 


What are some of the best economics courses online?


Here are some of the best online economics courses for beginners: 

  1. Economics Courses (edX)
  2. College Economics Courses Online (Coursera)
  3. Paul Krugman Teaches Economics and Society (MasterClass)
  4. Economics (MIT Open Courseware)
  5. Principles of Economics (Stanford Online)
  6. Online Economic Courses (Harvard University)

(Note: ‘Courses’ suggests there might be multiple courses/specialisations on the said platform)

Economics is an incredibly vast and fascinating subject that has great utility across different business sectors. Distance learning platforms 💻 have made it possible to learn economics from the world’s best professors from the comfort of your own home. 

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