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Inge Kung

Inge is our GoStudent learning expert for all math and science topics! Born and raised in South Africa, she has found her passion for teaching very early in life. She has over 5 years experience in teaching math and science topics and has worked as an Au-Pair. Did you know that South Africa has the lowest success rate for students learning math and science? Inge is striving to change this and have a positive influence on school systems all over the world. With her new ideas and mehods on playful learning, she is revolutionising traditional teaching methods and makes the "hated" maths and science subjects fun again! 

Our Corbett Maths Review: Is it Worth it?

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Five simple methods you can incorporate anytime to improve your maths skills.

How to Get Excited About Geometry

Showing you methods to help understand how kids learn geometry and how you can encourage learning geometry at home.

How Is Maths Used in Artificial Intelligence?

How does artificial intelligence and maths work together? Our learning expert Inge talks about the role AI plays in our future as parents and teachers.

Easy Steps To Pass Your GCSE Maths Exam

When it comes to GCSE maths, there are 4 ways to ensure a passing grade. Keep on reading to discover the key steps that will help your child pass their GCSE maths exam.

A List of the Best Maths Games for KS1

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How a Maths Quiz Can Make Maths Learning Fun

Using maths quizzes could be the best way to learn Maths. The most important thing is to encourage children to love maths.

Dynamo Maths: How to Overcome Dyscalculia

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Start to Learn Fractions in Maths Today!

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International Women's Day: Women in Maths

International Women's Day ▷ Women in Maths! ✚ Advice for parents ✚ Our recommendations ✚ GoStudent Help ➨ Helpful advice for parents!