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Amelia Johansson

Born in Sweden and raised in the UK, Amelia is an ESL teacher and freelance writer. She has a bachelor’s degree in journalism with creative writing and was working as an online editor in London until 2018, when she did a 180 and studied for her TEFL to become an ESL teacher and hasn’t looked back since. Now living in Morocco, she teaches English online, writes, and tries to experience as many charming Moroccan cities and sights as she can, sipping mint tea along the way! She loves books, coffee, anything that sparkles and the last line of a poem.

Give it a Try, it’s DIY! Let’s Make an Inspiration Board

Need a fun way to motivate and inspire your teenager? We’ve created an easy-peasy DIY video that should help keep their spirits up on the daily.

Give it a Try, it’s DIY! Let’s Make a Kawaii Bookmark

This DIY video is for all the book lovers out there, and if your teen doesn’t adore books then share with them the benefits of this wonderful hobby.

Give it a Try, it’s DIY! Let’s Make a Laptop Stand

Got some cardboard lying around? Great! For this DIY video, cardboard is the main ingredient. Plus, learn how to make your kids and teens super organised.

Give it a Try, it’s DIY! Let’s Make a Mason Jar

If there’s one way of making sure your teen drinks enough water every day, it’s by making one of these awesome tumblers – check out our video to see how!

Give it a Try, it’s DIY! Let’s Make Speakers

Our latest DIY video requires cardboard, glue and steady hands – the results will bring music to your teen’s ears.

Give it a Try, it’s DIY! Let’s Make Invisible Ink

Has your child ever wanted to send a secret message? Our latest DIY vid is for all those curious minds who want to do just that.

Give it a Try, it’s DIY! Let’s Make a Pencil Holder

Check out our new DIY video where we use household rubbish to make something jazzy and new!

Free Download: GoStudent Study Plan for Students

Stay on top of your studies by downloading our free study plan and keep track of your progress by filling it in after each lesson with your GoStudent tutor.

Give it a Try, It’s DIY! Let’s Make a Friendship Bracelet

Creativity boosts mood and eases negative emotions. Get creative at home by following our new DIY vid, and find out why creativity is so important.

Give it a Try, It’s DIY! Let’s Make a Tornado in a Bottle

If your youngster loves science and getting crafty, they’ll love this step-by-step video on how to make their very own tornado!

Give it a Try, It’s DIY! Let’s Make a Stress Ball

With exams looming, your child may be more stressed than usual. Why not help them make a stress ball? We’ve got a step-by-step video for you to follow – enjoy!

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Choosing your A-Levels can be tough. Let us guide you through the best A-Level combinations to take so that you’re ready for the next step!

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Sun, sea, sand and…summer jobs? We’ve gathered up a few of the best summer jobs for teachers to keep you and your wallet happy during the holidays.

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Join us in celebrating LGBT+ History Month as we share some famous LGBTQ+ icons from the UK, including Elton John and Carol Ann Duffy.