Free Download: GoStudent Study Plan for Students


  1. What is a study plan?
  2. What are the benefits of a study plan?
  3. Download my free GoStudent study plan
  4. How do I use the free GoStudent study plan?


If you’re looking for easy ways to organise your studies, you’ll love this little treat we have for you: a GoStudent study plan! Not sure what a study plan is, or how to use it? Keep on reading! 👀Study-Plan-younger-students

What is a study plan?


A study plan is something you can use to keep track of your schoolwork and to help you stay organised. We know what it’s like to have a lot of lessons – it’s easy to get confused with all the things you need to do and remember, right? Well, a study plan can be used by you and your tutor to record your progress, homework, targets and, of course, your wins! It’s also a great way for your parents to see how your GoStudent lessons are going – they could even help you fill out the plan. 🥰


What are the benefits of a study plan?


  • More productivity

Recording your homework, feedback and targets on a study plan make it much easier to stay productive because you can physically see what you need to do. Study plans are like to-do lists, and to-do lists make daily tasks much easier to get through when we have them written down and can proactively work through each one. ✍️

  • Less confusion

Schoolwork, homework, tests, reading, writing – there’s a lot to remember when you’re a student! The beauty of using a study plan is that it makes you less confused and, therefore, more likely to have a focused idea of what needs to be done. It’s even better if you fill out your study plan at the end of each lesson because your next steps are fresh in your brain. 🧠

  • Setting and completing goals

Goals are much easier to achieve when you have a clear idea of what they are. Writing them down on your study plan will help you visualise them and keep you motivated. 💪


Download my free GoStudent study plan


  1. Simply click the button below for your free study plan and download it to your device.
  2.  Save it somewhere you’ll remember.
  3. We recommend printing at least 4-8 copies so that you have one or two sheets a week to plan out your studies.
  4. Keep reading to find out how to use your study plan.

Download Study plan for younger students

Download Study plan for older students

How do I use the free GoStudent study plan?


Now you have your study plan, let’s get onto how you fill it in every lesson. We will take you through each column so you know exactly what to write in each box. 👍

  • Date/Time

Yes, this is quite self-explanatory, but it’s important for you to fill out this column – especially the date! This will help you stay up to date with what you’ve studied and when.

  • Subject

There are four rows on each sheet, but they don’t have to be for the same subject – you can mix it up.

  • Lesson details

In this box, note down key points from the lesson. Here are some things you could write:

  • Main topic/idea of the lesson
  • The pages you read/worked through from your schoolbook/s
  • A very short summary of what you covered in the lesson

If you have space, try to write as much as you can in these boxes because it will make things easier for you when referring back to this lesson. If you need help summarising the class, ask your tutor.

  • Homework

Your GoStudent tutor may give you homework and if they do, you should note it down in this column. Write down what they want you to do and the date it needs to be done by. 📅

  • Feedback

This column is for you or your tutor to fill in. As your GoStudent tutor isn’t physically with you, ask them what their feedback is and write it in the box for them. Here are some questions to think about when filling it in:

  • What are you doing well?
  • What do you need to improve?
  • Are you enjoying this module/topic?
  • Do you find this module/topic easy or difficult?
  • Next steps

Based on the feedback, what are your next steps going to be? Do you need to revise something more? Do you need to do some extra reading on the topic? Does this subject/topic/module need some extra attention? How are you going to improve on any points in the ‘feedback’ section?

  • Highlights

If you have things to aim for, it will give you more motivation to study! ‘School prize’, ‘great grades’ and ‘new level’ are all goals that you can focus on throughout your studies and, hopefully, it will boost you to try your very best in and outside of your tutor sessions. You can even tell your tutor if you have a specific goal in mind so that they can try and help you reach it. 🌟

Now you know how to complete your study plan, what are you waiting for? Get printing! Our excellent tutors are ready to get studying with you and help you achieve top-of-the-class marks!

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