Our Top Tips for Enjoying a Christmas Staycation With Kids in the UK


  1. What is a staycation? 
  2. What is the best holiday destination for families in the UK?
  3. Where should I go on a Christmas staycation with my kids?
  4. How can I plan the perfect Christmas staycation with my kids?


Christmas is the most magical time of year, especially for families with kids. When December rolls around, parents are usually busy shopping for their kids’ Christmas presents and deciding what to tell their kids about Santa. Having a proper family Christmas at home is lovely, but to make this holiday season extra special, why not consider a relaxing family staycation at a great destination in the UK?

You don’t need to go far to enjoy a lovely Christmas holiday, with plenty of great places to go for a relaxing staycation with your kids. Keep reading to find out our best tips for a Christmas staycation this year! 🎄london-christmas

What is a staycation? 


A staycation is a holiday where you stay close to home. Over the past few years during the pandemic, staycations have become increasingly popular among Brits, with many people now choosing holiday getaways in the UK rather than abroad. You don’t need to travel far to enjoy the benefits of a lovely, relaxing vacation, and a staycation might be the perfect solution if you’d like to enjoy the perks of a  holiday without having to travel far. 

A staycation is a fantastic way to have a little getaway during the festive season. Christmas is a magical time of year, but for some of us (hello, parents) there’s a fair amount of stress involved too. Cooking, cleaning, organising and planning – there’s a lot of work that goes into making Christmas time special for your kids and the family as a whole. On a Christmas staycation, you’ll be able to take a break and enjoy a relaxing stay somewhere close to home. 🎅

A local getaway in the UK is a relaxing and hassle-free way to enjoy a holiday – travel time is shorter, costs are usually much lower than they would be if you were heading abroad, and a staycation will require less planning. Not only that, but a staycation is a more eco-friendly holiday, with no need to hop on a flight.

Another bonus is that you won’t find yourself dashing around in a mad rush trying to find everyone’s passports before heading to a busy airport! Staycations are usually much more affordable than other types of holidays, so it’s a great way to give your family a lovely Christmas getaway without breaking the bank. 


What is the best holiday destination for families in the UK?


There are a range of fantastic holiday destinations right here in the UK, with Devon, Suffolk, Peak District and Norfolk at the top of the wishlist for many staycationers. But you and your family should go wherever you’d like – it can be a simple and cosy caravan getaway, an idyllic stay at a charming cottage in the countryside or whatever you’d like your holiday to be. 

A family staycation in the UK is really about slowing down the pace of life, enjoying a lovely few days with the family and maybe discovering something about local history and culture. You can spend your days exploring small villages and museums followed by cosy evenings in front of a fire playing board games and toasting marshmallows. A Christmas staycation in the UK is a beautiful way to spend the time with family. ❄️

The UK is such a beautiful island that offers a great variety of destinations for family holidays. Staying at home is so much easier too – you simply load the car and go, or hop on a train and enjoy a scenic ride to your destination. There are so many reasons to enjoy a family staycation, but the big question is – where should you go?


Where should I go on a Christmas staycation with my kids?


There’s no shortage of great Christmas holiday destinations for a family staycation in the UK. Here are some of the best UK family breaks for this festive season: 

  • Peak District 

The Peak District is a wonderful destination all year round. With its many walking routes and beautiful surroundings, it’s the perfect place to reconnect with your family. Here, you can wrap up warm and enjoy a family walk in the wintery landscape of the Peak District National Park. ⛄ 

If the Peak District is your destination of choice for your winter staycation with the kids, you can stay pretty much anywhere in the region because you are surrounded by so many things to see and do. The small villages of Bakewell and Buxton are in the heart of the Peak District, and well worth a visit. You may recognise those names – yes, that is where Buxton spring water is from and Bakewell tarts originate. Visiting the Bakewell House Museum can take you away from modern life and back in time, giving the kids a fun history lesson that just might keep teenagers engaged too.

  • Norfolk 

Norfolk is a prime location for your Christmas staycation, with no shortage of options for where to stay. With 45 miles of stunning coastline, you can enjoy a seaside stay, a countryside getaway or stay in one of the bustling cities depending on what you and your family would prefer. 

The lively city of Great Yarmouth is a popular, family-friendly spot, and it’s a great location for exploring both Norfolk and Suffolk. You can hire a boat and explore the Norfolk broads or stroll through the charming village of Wroxham. A visit to Burgh Castle, one of the best preserved Roman monuments in Britain, will be fun and interesting for the kids! 

  • Devon 

Devon is a lovely holiday destination in the UK, with plenty of quiet, cosy country towns and stunning nature. Here, you can see the amazing coastline with its red, sandy beaches and dramatic cliff lines. Devon has plenty to offer families looking for a lovely Christmas holiday, giving you the chance to explore nature with your kids at Dartmoor National Park and the South Hams, which are a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

Devon has some of the best cliff walking routes in the country, and there are plenty of family-friendly trails perfect for a winter jaunt before settling down for lunch in a cosy pub. Visit an idyllic seaside village like Clovelly, Croyde or Salcombe for a lovely and relaxing holiday by the sea, where you can stroll down cobbled streets, take the kids to see the local museums and pick up a few last-minute presents from the local shops all decked out for Christmas. 🎁

  • Suffolk 

Suffolk has long been a favourite holiday destination for Brits, and there are plenty of great spots for your Christmas staycation. 

The historic town of Woodbridge on the river Deben is a great destination. It’ll be well suited to a Christmas getaway since it’s a place for long slow Sunday walks, great little shops for those all-important holiday memorabilia items to take back home, and plenty of opportunities for countryside walks. To take in some fresh air and to step back in time with the kids, why not visit Sutton Hoo, the famous archaeological site featured in the hit Netflix series The Dig?

These are just a few of the many fantastic UK family breaks you could enjoy this holiday season with your kids. No matter where you decide to go, you’re sure to find a lovely place to stay. But now you may be wondering, how can I make this staycation special for my kids? ✨


How can I plan the perfect Christmas staycation with my kids? 


One of the great things about a Christmas staycation is that it’s very easy to plan a holiday for the whole family. Your first step to creating a great holiday staycation with your kids is to pick the right spot. For many of us, the perfect Christmas family staycation might be in a charming rural cottage, with a warm fireplace inside and plenty of opportunities for winter walks outside. 🔥

When you’ve booked the place you and your family would love to spend your festive getaway, all you have to do is set the tone upon arrival, with Christmas music, decorations and a cosy atmosphere. Although healthy eating is very important for kids, at the holidays it’s nice to have a few extra treats and tasty food, so why not cook up some delicious Christmas recipes?

A Christmas staycation is the perfect way to spend the holidays with your kids in the UK, and there are plenty of fun activities you could do with the kids to keep them entertained. Winter walks outside and playing in the snow is a must if you’re holidaying somewhere with snow on the ground. Why not do some festive arts and crafts with the kids, or help them write a letter to Santa? You could also have some fun with the kids learning Christmas songs from around the world, or talk to them about their New Year's resolutions. A cosy winter staycation is the perfect chance to make some special memories with the family that will last forever. ❤️

The next time you start dreaming of a sun-drenched beach on a tropical island, just remember that a range of fantastic destinations in the UK are right there on your doorstep. There are so many hidden gems to be discovered, and a family staycation in the UK is the perfect way to spend the Christmas holidays. Enjoy your festive staycation! 

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