The Best Christmas Arts and Crafts for Families


  1. Things to draw for Christmas
  2. Recycle Christmas goods
  3. Make your own decorations
  4. Ideas for toddlers


As a parent, there are few things more magical than experiencing Christmas through your child’s eyes. The excitement of meeting Father Christmas, delicious biscuits and treats, and the thrill of new toys- it’s truly wonderful to watch your child’s holiday joy. 

More than anything though, it’s the extra time spent together that really makes Christmas special. We bet you have many fond memories of Christmas traditions as a child, and if you don’t, now’s the perfect time to create some happy ones of your own. 🤗

Arts and crafts are a great way to spend extra time with your child and a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Plus, your little artist’s creations can make fantastic gifts for friends and family!

We’re here with the best Christmas arts and crafts for you to do with your stockings

Things to draw for Christmas 


You’re probably looking for Christmas drawing ideas for your child, and we have some great ones!

  • Give your kid a fun project

For preschool-age children who are learning independence, give them a fun art challenge! Draw a shape on a piece of paper, and ask them to draw something Christmas-themed with it. If your child likes a little extra guidance, here are some ideas to get their creative juices flowing and make some cute Christmas drawings. 

  • Three circles can turn into a snowman ⛄
  • A square can turn into a Christmas present drawing 🎁
  • A rectangle can turn into Santa’s sleigh 🛷
  • A triangle can be a Christmas tree 🎄

Another fun variation of this is to draw a line on paper. It can be a straight line, or squiggly. Then from there, your child can create cute, easy Christmas drawings! 

  • Use the internet

If your child prefers to colour, we've created our very own GoStudent colouring pages to keep your little one entertained! Click the button below to download them.🖍️ There are also many fun colouring pages of Christmas things to draw on Pinterest, so have a look there, too. You can also use these pages as a tracing template for kids who want to create their own masterpiece. 

Download Colouring Template

YouTube is another great place to look for fun Christmas drawing ideas. Art for Kids Hub is a channel that does “how-to’s” so you and your child can draw along together! They offer detailed instructions on how to draw Christmas stuff easily, step by step. Check out their playlist of winter-themed videos and let yourself return to your primary-school art classes.


Recycle Christmas goods


We love Christmas cards and presents, but gift-giving can leave you with a lot of leftover paper. It doesn’t have to go to waste, though. Here are some great ideas to reuse those cards and wrapping paper- and make some beautiful crafts, too!

  • Wrapping paper collage

After all the excitement on Christmas morning, your living room is likely full of wrapping paper! While saving it for next year’s gifts is always a good idea, sometimes it is too crinkled or ripped up to use again. However, it doesn’t have to go straight into the recycling bin! Throw all of the leftover paper into a box, and encourage your child to cut out pieces of paper to make a fun Christmas picture.

Flip a large piece of wrapping paper onto the white side as a base, and then get to work on your masterpiece! A bonus: these new creations can make creative wrapping paper for next year, too!

  • Tissue paper snowflakes

You likely remember this one from your own childhood days, but in case you need a refresher: 😊 Take a piece of tissue paper and fold it up as many times as you like. Then, make multiple small cuts all over the folded paper. Unfold, and you have yourself a beautiful snowflake! ❄️

  • Christmas cards turned gift tags

It’s always heartwarming to get Christmas cards from family and friends. However, they often turn into clutter! Rather than pile them up in a box, turn them into gift tags for presents! You and your child can go through all of the year’s Christmas cards. It’s a great chance to tell them about all the people in their life who love them and share your memories of family and friends with them. If you find a card with a pretty image on it, cut it out into a unique shape. Cut a small hole into it, and loop a string through. Now you don’t have to buy any gift tags! 🎁


Make your own decorations


Your Christmas tree is likely covered in beautiful ornaments. Maybe some have been passed down through your family, or are gifts to remember special moments, like your wedding or the birth of your child. However, we think that sometimes the best ornaments are the ones you’ve made yourself! Here are some fun ornament ideas. 🎄

  • Pipe cleaner candy canes 

Candy cane ornaments are easy to make and last for years. All you need is some pipe cleaners and an assortment of beads.

Simply cut the pipe cleaners in half. Then, add the different beads to the pipe cleaners. Bend them so they make a candy cane shape. And voliá! You have a candy cane. Hang them on your own Christmas tree, your car’s rear-view mirror, or anywhere you’d like! These are also fun to add when wrapping presents--tuck one into a bow and you have something special.

  • Lolly stick snowflakes

This is a fun wintry decoration to make and is great to share with your family and friends who don’t celebrate Christmas. ❄️

Get four lolly sticks, and make 2 x’s with them. Glue the x’s together to create a snowflake shape. Paint them white, and then let dry. Then, decorate them however you like! Add glitter, buttons, or anything else. You can keep them white, or make a more abstract snowflake. This is a fun one to let your kids really be creative! 

  • Paper plate snowmen

Need a fun decoration to put on your door? This is the perfect one! Simply get three white paper plates and glue them together to create a snowman shape. Then, decorate however you please! This is a good opportunity to use up any craft supplies you have leftover from other projects- glitter, stickers, paint, you name it! ☃️

If you want, get the whole family involved! Have everyone make their own snowman to scale--taller ones for mum and dad, and one cute round plate for a baby. Tape them in your front window to spread your Christmastime family cheer with your neighbours. 🏘️


Ideas for toddlers


You may have wee ones at home that aren’t ready for scissors or glue (or even ready to hold a crayon)! Luckily, there are lots of fun crafts you can do with the smallest members of your family. 👶

  • Salt dough handprint ornaments

What better way to commemorate this special time in your life than with a handprint ornament? 🖐️ Salt dough is easy to make at home- all you need is salt, flour, and water (really!). The BBC has an excellent recipe for making it. Once the dough is soft, simply press your little one’s hand into the mixture. Bake, and then pain however you wish! This makes an excellent gift, especially for those who live far and may not get to spend much time with your baby!

  • Paper plate ornaments 

Have some plates leftover from your snowman craft? For little hands, a big canvas like a plate is perfect for creating an ornament. Give your child a plate and whatever craft supplies are suitable for their age level. (If you’re feeling brave, this is a fun finger-painting opportunity!) Let their imagination go to work and create a design they love on the plate. Then, punch a hole in it and add a string. You have a special ornament that can last for years to come!

  • Christmas self-portrait 

If you have a newborn at home, this can be a tradition you can do every year to watch them grow. Of course, it’s also great if you have older children, too!

Get a long roll of simple brown craft paper. Have your child lay on the paper, and trace the shape of their body. Then, decorate! Your child can use this opportunity to really express themself. For babies and toddlers, older siblings can get in on the fun and use it as a way to show their little brother or sister or much they love them! Do this for each child, and keep them in a box. The years pass quickly with your children, and this is a wonderful way to remember how they looked when they were small. 

Christmas is one of the most special times of the year. However, as adults, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the stress and expectations of the holiday season. Presents to buy, parties to attend, work deadlines to meet before taking time off- it can all feel like too much! 😅

However, you can still find time to enjoy the beauty of the season. Doing arts and crafts with your child is a wonderful way to slow down, focus on the moment, and create memories that last a lifetime. You can even organise a fun Christmas craft party with friends to really celebrate the season! Christmas comes but once a year, and it’s important to enjoy it as best you can. 

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