How Do I Find the Best A-Level Revision Websites?


  1. What are the best A-Level revision websites?
  2. How do you revise for A-Levels?
  3. Where can I find A-Level resources?
  4. Is Seneca good for A-Level?
  5. Where can I find A-Level resources for specific subjects?
  6. What if I need help with my A-Level revision?


A-Levels can be a bit of a shock after GCSE. Although you’re not studying as many subjects, you’re expected to build an in-depth knowledge of them and do much more work on your own.

If you’re a bit intimidated by your A-Level workload, fear not! There are loads of resources online that can help you develop the academic mastery demanded at A-Level. We’ve put together a round-up of some of the best A-Level revision sites on the net.student studying for a-levels online

What are the best A-Level revision websites?


Surprisingly, some of the best A-Level revision websites are actually the websites of your exam board! These organisations are not the actual supervillains they might seem to be when you’re thinking about all the challenges you have ahead of you, they can actually help you!

Why should I check out exam board websites?

On your exam board's website, you can find past papers, exam specifications and examiner’s reports. 

The exam specification is something you really should read if you haven’t already done so. This tells you what sort of things your examiner is supposed to check for when they mark your papers. The exam specification also outlines the content you are expected to know to be able to successfully complete the exam.

Examiner’s reports are extremely useful summaries of how examiners view the papers they have marked year after year. The reports explain what examiners thought of real answers by real students, what they did well and what mistakes they made. 

Reading these lets you peek inside an examiner’s brain and find out how you’re supposed to answer each question most effectively. If you’re looking for some magic key to help you do better in your exams, this is as close as you’re going to get without finding the British Government’s Top Secret USB Stick of A-Level Answers accidentally dropped at a bus stop.

Doing past papers is one of the best ways to revise your subjects and prepare for the exams. They let you identify areas where you’re weak and show what you need to focus on and you can use them to practise your exam technique under timed conditions. They’re also useful to allow you to get used to the format of the exam, although just be aware this can change from year to year. 

Click on the links for your exam board to get access to past papers and more:

Exam Board



Find past papers and mark schemes


Past Papers & Mark Schemes


Past papers


Past Papers


Find past papers and mark schemes


Question Bank


How do you revise for A-Levels?


There’s a ton of help, support and advice on revision tips, tricks and strategies at the Student Room. 🎓

With over 240,000 posts a month the Student Room is definitely one of the best A-Level revision websites. It’s a terrific resource that bills itself as 'the UK's largest online student community'. 

For A-Level students, it offers a vast wealth of forums, revision guides, advice and links to examiners’ reports, past papers and other resources. This is a place where students help and support each other at every stage of the A-Level journey. There’s so much on offer here, it’s well worth your time signing up and checking out what it can do for you. 


Where can I find A-Level resources?


For shed loads of resources, check out Get Revising, one of the best A-Level revision websites! 

You can get your hands on almost 200,000 resources like flashcards, quizzes, powerpoints, mind maps and more kindly created and uploaded by other really nice and helpful A-Level and students sorted by exam board and subject. Particularly good resources are selected and rated by equally nice and helpful teachers. 🍎

The site offers a handy smart search to find past papers for all subjects. It also has a range of useful tools like study planners, mind mappers and flashcard makers to help you study in whatever way you find most effective!


Is Seneca good for A-Level?


Seneca is a website and an app that uses gorgeously designed interactive flashcards with memes, sound and animation to teach you the stuff you really need to know in an entertaining way. Seneca has content prepared by examiners and educational experts tailored to AQA,  Edexcel, Eduqas, OCR and WJEC exam boards. It’s particularly good for A-Level English, Biology and History

Work your way through Seneca’s mini-tutorials and every so often you’ll be given a quick test on what you’ve just been reading. What makes Seneca one of the best A-Level revision websites is that its teach and test system uses AI technology to work out which things you’re having trouble remembering and will keep testing you on these in different ways until you’ve got them down. 

Much of the content on the site is completely free to registered users but you can also sign up for premium material if you’ve exhausted all the free resources. Premium also gets you access to Smart learning mode, a database of all the hardest questions and much more!

What else can help me revise for my A-Levels?

While KhanAcademy is not a UK-focused website that specifically deals with A-Level content, it’s got so many relevant videos, articles and quizzes that make complicated topics crystal clear that you just have to check it out! It’s especially useful for STEM subjects.   


Where can I find A-Level resources for specific subjects?


Many sites specialise in one subject in depth. These are often run by teachers or lecturers who have decades of experience with their discipline and know what is most important for A-Level exam candidates to learn. Here are some of the best:

  • English

York Notes are the creme de la creme of study guides when it comes to English Literature. 

York Notes have put together expert but easy to understand commentaries, analyses of genre, structure, themes and language, sample exam answers, essay plans and a bunch more good stuff for scores of set texts. You do have to pay for it, but trust us, on exam day you’ll be glad you did! 💪

The site also offers interactive online essay tools and revision aids as well as study guides. You can get the online edition (including an app) or the print edition of the study guides for £7.99 or you can pay just £2 more to get the print copy, the online version and the app!

On YouTube Mr Bruff the English teacher has videos on exam tips, analyses by scene and by character, samples of great answers to exam questions and even songs to help you revise! Mr Bruff has even more stuff on his website including podcasts and books to help you achieve top marks. 

  • Maths 

At RevisionMaths you’ll get loads of A-Level maths revision resources, exam tips, revision videos, covering pure maths topics like algebra, calculus, geometry and trigonometry as well as statistics and mechanics. 

MathsCentre comes from the Educational Broadcasting Services Trust and the Universities of Coventry, Leeds and Loughborough. It offers worksheets, revision notes, and videos for pure A-Level Maths and statistics, mechanics and applied maths. Design-wise, the site is quite, let’s say, old school…, but it is absolutely chock-full of useful resources and links!

  • Physics

Physics and Maths Tutor provides a well-stocked collection of cheat sheets, solutions, past papers, worksheets, revision notes and flashcards for AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC courses.

It’s great for all the sciences too! 💯

A Level Physics Online has a knack for explaining in 5-minute videos what can take your teacher an hour-long class to cover. Think of them as your revision notes in video form. Videos deal with topics, past paper questions, exam techniques and even practicals! 

Topics can be found in separate sections for AQA, Edexcel (Pearson), Eduqas, IB, OCR, and WJEC exams. There are hundreds of really interesting and helpful free videos and downloadable materials but there’s a premium plan that gets you access to hundreds more videos for just £19.99 for 24 months!

  • Biology

Biology Carol is a Youtuber who specialises in A-Level Biology videos that offer clear and elegant explanations. Her videos range from 8 minutes to over an hour and a half depending on the topic. Her live streams are interactive so you can ask her questions while she’s on air. Her website hosts even more specialised premium video playlists covering all sorts of biology topics.

At A-Level Biology you’ll get free access to revision notes and past papers for the old A-Level Biology exams from 2008 to 2015. If you sign up for a premium account you can expect detailed exam questions, revision mindmaps, and ready-made revision notes written by an experienced biology teacher to power you through AQA, Edexcel, OCR and CIE exams. 🐸

  • Chemistry

Although Chemguide looks like it was designed in prehistoric internet times, it’s actually a comprehensive resource for A-Level chemistry in a cunning disguise!. It’s the work of Jim Clark,who has written many great textbooks and really knows what he’s talking about. He started the website to allow him to explain topics in greater detail than textbooks normally allow. It caters to students doing chemistry with any UK exam board. 

The Royal Society Of Chemistry is often used by teachers, but it’s also the perfect resource for students too. The site has a whopping great pile of content for you. Including worksheets with answers, chemistry simulations, videos of practical experiments and a highly useful interactive periodic table. 

  • History

The History Learning Site is thorough, easy to understand and really pleasant to use, everything is laid out clearly and logically. It covers a massive amount of the history syllabus from Ancient Rome to modern British politics. 

Mr Allsop History is an award-winning website and Mr Allsop’s fun and fascinating educational podcasts are routinely in the iTunes Top-10 in the education category. The website hosts videos, podcasts, transcripts, exam advice, quiz generators, and more.


What if I need help with my A-Level revision?


If you need a helping hand to guide you on your A-Level journey, visit GoStudent, an affordable and professional tutoring service. GoStudent has expert tutors available for every subject. These guys know the curriculum and exams inside and out and you’ll be amazed at the effect your very own tutor will have on your progress! You can even get a free trial class to see if it’ll work for you!

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