What is PHP and Why Should I Teach It To My Kids?


  1. What is PHP and what is PHP used for?

  2. Common uses of PHP

  3. History of PHP programming language

  4. Should my kids learn PHP?


Websites like Youtube, Google, Instagram (and GoStudent!) are so visually appealing that they completely engross the users. Most big-tech platforms thrive off of the high user engagement that their sleek design gets them. Back when the internet was launched, most web pages featured monotonous designs that simply displayed relevant information in a tidy format. 

So what changed in the next two decades? What gave your beloved websites these head-to-toe makeovers? The magic of PHP! So what is PHP?

PHP is a coding language used to design sleek, responsive (which means suitable for all screen sizes) webpages.

So why use PHP? Listed below are some of the common uses of PHP. 🤔

Let’s dive in! woman at desk doing coding on computer

What is PHP and what is PHP used for? 🤔


PHP, also referred to as Personal Home Page, is a scripting language used to design creative and visually appealing web pages. Scripting languages are simple coding languages that differ from processing languages (like C++ and Java) in one key aspect. While processing languages help turn raw information into results, scripting languages simply dictate how the information is presented on the screen. As far as scripting languages go, PHP is the current industry leader. It is often considered to be a more advanced and relevant version of HTML. 

PHP helps users add multiple layers of designs and graphics to their web pages, enabling them to make their website more visually engaging and user-friendly. For example, the webpage you're currently reading this article on has also been designed using PHP! 

Well, a combination of HTML5 and PHP, but PHP is the key player here.


Common uses of PHP


PHP forms an integral part of the internet today. These everyday websites that see millions of visitors have also been designed using innovative PHP modules: 

  1. Wikipedia
  2. WordPress
  3. Tumblr
  4. Etsy
  5. MailChimp

PHP’s versatile nature makes it an industry favourite. Developers who know PHP well are much more likely to get jobs as UI design professionals than those who don’t. Over the past half a decade, PHP has taken over HTML5 as the industry standard for web design.


History of PHP programming language📖


Did you know that the first PHP program was used by the creator, Rasmus Lerdorf, to track the visits on his online resume? Here are some interesting facts about the history of PHP that justify its impact on today’s world. 

Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP in 1994 and launched it in 1995. Over the years, after multiple changes, its uses have expanded to various functions, including designing the current web pages that we see today. 

So, where is PHP now? Well, the current version of PHP is now used by nearly 80% of the websites on the internet. This means almost 8 out of 10 websites you visit on the internet are run with PHP, including  popular ones like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. 😲. Keep reading to find out why PHP is one of the best programming languages your kids can learn. 🧐


Should my kids learn PHP?🤔


Definitely. PHP is a great creative tool that can help them start with learning the fundamentals of web designing. It is similar to HTML and is much easier and more relevant in today’s world. PHP is often recommended to web design freshers because of how simple it is. With the right help and resources, your kids should be able to master it within a few months of learning. 

The benefits of learning PHP: 

  • It is easy to learn and use 💪
PHP is a fundamental programming language that requires users to have virtually no prior coding experience. Its simple syntax makes it extremely easy to understand and work with. Within a few hours of starting, your kids should be able to create a simple website. They can then learn to experiment with the language and figure out their strengths.

  • It enables them to be creative 👀
Unlike other programming languages, PHP is visually engaging. This enables children to channel their youthful creativity towards a productive skill. Learning PHP is a uniquely technical yet creative hobby that can contribute significantly to your kids’ overall development. 
  • Supported by a strong community of avid learners ✊
PHP is backed by a large online community full of both amateur enthusiasts and industry professionals. This means if your kids are ever stuck with any problem, a simple Google search can help them solve their queries easily. Other useful things like PHP libraries, pre-written websites, interactive tutorials, FAQs, etc., can be found on the internet easily. PHPs growing popularity ensures your kids will never be short on the resources they need to both learn and practice. 


The magic of PHP is what makes our everyday websites so stunning and easy to use. As a scripting language, PHP is lucid, efficient and much easier to learn and practice than HTML5, the second most popular option. Children should be encouraged to learn PHP because it is fairly easy to master and extremely useful. PHP’s growing popularity among developers is what makes it an employable skill.

At GoStudent, we offer interactive PHP classes taught by some of the best tutors from around the world. Our engaging curriculum ensures your children not only learn their first PHP program but master PHP and use it to channel their inner creativity. With GoStudent, your children can learn the magic of PHP and begin their coding journey on the right foot. 

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