How Odd Socks Day is Tackling Important Issues


  1. Why do we celebrate Odd Socks Day?
  2. Who started Odd Sock Day?
  3. Odd socks anti bullying campaign in the UK
  4. How can two random odd socks make a difference?
  5. When is Odd Socks Day 2022?


Did you know that Odd Socks Day aims to tackle one of the greatest issues our children face at school and online? Bullying is a harmful practice that many kids face daily. It can cause physical and emotional pain. All is not lost though and the UK has important annual initiatives set up to combat bullying and keep kids safe and happy. Let’s look at how to get involved and why.odd-socks-day

Why do we celebrate Odd Socks Day?


We celebrate Odd Socks Day to fight bullying and to highlight that our differences are also our strengths and individuality is what makes us all special. Odd Socks Day is always the first day of Anti-Bullying Week in the UK and a great way to get the campaign started. 🧦

Odd socks day meaning

When someone is wearing odd socks it means that they don’t have a matching pair on. One sock could be pink and one blue or one stripey and one spotty! In fact, for many of us, this happens more regularly than one day a year although it’s more common to try and match them as closely as possible on these unintended occasions so they don’t stand out. 

Odd Socks Day is the exact opposite and all about wearing the most contrasting colors, patterns and lengths that you can find. Exaggerating the difference between two socks is representative of the great diversity we have as people in appearance, habits, hobbies, preferences, skills, etc. 


Who started Odd Sock Day?


The Anti-Bullying Alliance started Odd Socks Day to remind kids and adults who partake that it’s good to stand out. Odd Socks Day started in 2017 as a further measure to counter bullying at school. The premise is that if we can accept someone else’s odd socks then we can appreciate their differences as a person too. 

Odd Socks Day is fronted by CBeebies presenter, Andy Day and his band Andy and the Odd Socks. Each year, Andy and the Odd Socks write a song based on that year’s Anti-Bullying Week theme. The 2021 theme for 15-19 November is “One Kind Word”. It’s supposed to remind us to fight bullying with kindness and that even one nice word or comment can make all the difference. ❤️


Odd socks anti bullying campaign in the UK


The anti-bullying Odd Socks Day in 2021 will be held on Monday 15 November so make sure you and your children don’t miss out. You can show your support for the cause by wearing odd socks for the day...intentionally. Schools and workplaces are invited to participate and a £1 donation is recommended, although this isn’t mandatory.

The most important part of National Odd Sock Day is merely to take part and get behind this important initiative. As part of the wider Anti-Bullying Week campaign that takes place nationally each year, we all need to help kids help themselves and each other fight this hurtful and destructive behaviour


How can two random odd socks make a difference?


Well, the socks are just a metaphor for our differences as humans. National Odd Sock Day is really about promoting Anti-Bullying Week in a fun and visual way, although this isn’t to trivialise the importance and seriousness of bullying in our schools and online in any way, shape or form.

It goes without saying that bullying has very serious consequences. With the rise of social media usage among our children it’s even harder to monitor. Read our article on how to navigate bullying and support your child through the problem. 

In a survey on the Statista site, more than 7,000 people between 12 and 20 years of age responded from the UK. The survey was released in November 2020 and the following emotional and physical impacts were reported:

  • 44% - Felt anxious
  • 36% - Felt depressed
  • 33% - Had suicidal thoughts
  • 27% - Have self-harmed
  • 18% - Have truanted from school or college
  • 12% - Have developed anti-social behaviours
  • 12% - Developed an eating disorder
  • 11% - Attempted suicide
  • 9% - Ran away from home
  • 8% - Have abused drugs and/or alcohol
  • 3% - Have engaged in risky sexual behaviour

When is Odd Socks Day 2022?


Odd Socks Day 2022 will take place on Monday 21 November to kick start the nationwide Anti-Bullying Week. If this is your first year taking part in Odd Socks Day, we’re sure you’ll be back with more crazy, mismatched socks on Odd Sock Day 2022. It’s such an easy way to show support and a great talking point too. 🗣️

If your child feels like the odd one out, try and highlight their differences and how these qualities or characteristics make them uniquely “them”. Even if your child has somehow escaped these feelings it’s great to get them involved in Odd Socks Day to understand that not everyone feels comfortable all of the time. 

The best thing about Odd Socks Day is that it’s not a popularity contest or about wearing the coolest gear to school. This means you don’t have to fork out for a new outfit and kids can feel less inhibited about getting involved. Don’t forget to don your own fabulously mismatching socks on Monday 15 November so we can all remember to stress less about what others think and embrace our differences.

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