Top Ten List of the Best Roblox YouTubers For Kids


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The internet can be a wonderful place for your children to learn new things. It allows them to find answers to all their questions and learn more about their interests. But are there online risks for kids to be considered? Yes.

Parental monitoring and control are essential when it comes to anything your child does on the internet. But then, how do you figure out what’s right for your kid and what’s not?

The hugely popular Roblox space presents a similar dilemma to young parents. Are Roblox games safe for children? Before answering this, we need to answer a more fundamental question: What exactly is this Roblox game that you keep hearing about? 

Roblox is a free-to-play gaming platform launched in 2006 that allows users to design their games using a proprietary engine and to play games created by others. Roblox rocketed to stellar popularity over the last few years, especially during COVID.As a parent, the best thing you can do is suggest some fun and best Roblox YouTube channels for kids to watch. These channels are known for their positive and educational content that helps children learn about Roblox and its fascinating world much better. Here are some specially curated lists that can help you do this:

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Our Top Ten List


Here is our carefully-curated list of the best Roblox YouTubers you can safely allow your child to follow.  

DanTDM (26.1 million subscribers): 

British YouTuber Daniel Middleton is perfect for slightly older kids who can handle the occasional scary game. He fits the profile of an older player who speaks to kids in a language they jive well with. DanTDM plays mostly Roblox games on his channel, though, on the rare occasion, he does venture to other platforms. 


ItsFunneh (9.2 million subscribers): 

This is an excellent channel for kids to follow on YouTube, as long as you know that some games feature cartoonish violence, and players can die and be killed in the games. Run by a 24-year-old Canadian gamer named Kat (short for Katherine) and her siblings (who she calls her Krew), the channel features lighthearted, profanity-free content. 


Thinknoodles (8.4 million subscribers): 

American gamer Justin Andrew Watkins, aka Thinknoodles, is another Roblox YouTuber with a legion of young fans. Justin keeps his videos upbeat and family-friendly. He plays a wide selection of games, though he is partial to adventure and multiplayer games built on Roblox. 


PrestonPlayz (13.1 million subscribers): 

Preston has been active on YouTube for over a decade now. What’s unique about him? He started when he was just 14! This means that he has an excellent sense of what it means to be a kid on the internet because, well, not too long ago he was a young boy Roblox YouTuber. Kids find his content super-enjoyable, partly because Preston takes a different route by giving his fans an occasional peek into his personal life. He plays Roblox games together with his wife, Brianna. 


DenisDaily (9.22 million subscribers): 

Another popular Canadian gamer and YouTuber, Denis, runs a remarkably clean channel. Some of his more recent videos include some violent content, but they are usually rated PG and are safe for older children (adolescents). 


Sketch (4.3 million subscribers) 

Sketch and his twin brother (who makes frequent appearances on his channel) are known for their hilarious Roblox commentary. These YouTubers represent one of the simplest, most engaging gaming genres on YouTube - in-game commentary. Sketch is witty, sharp, and most importantly, child friendly. 


GamerGirl (6 million subscribers): 

Also known as KarinaOMG, this is another popular Roblox YouTuber that generally stays away from violent and scary games. She also has another channel with her brother where they share snapshots of their personal life and time spent with their dad. 


CookieSwirlC (18.1 million subscribers): 

Run by American YouTuber Candace, this is a squeaky-clean channel for kids that few can complain about. Besides Roblox videos, she also dabbles in unboxing and other gaming videos that kids enjoy. With a cheerful personality and positive vibes, this is one channel that works well for kids of all ages. 


LeahAshe (4.9 million subscribers): 

LeahAshe is another bubbly YouTuber who brings a unique, upbeat personality to her Roblox videos. Girl Roblox YouTubers are especially attracted to her because of her self-proclaimed love for all things pink. Of late, she seems to be slowly moving away from making Roblox videos to concentrate on her newfound attraction for makeup tutorials. 


InquisitorMaster (9.67 million subscribers): 

This is a channel that you and your kids will find appealing. Her forte is role-playing Roblox games that kids are particularly fond of, perhaps because of her unique, childlike voice. The channel offers wholesome content that you can trust will be good for your kids. 


top ten roblox youtubers

Who is the most suitable Roblox Youtuber?


The list above includes the creme-de-la-creme of kid Roblox YouTubers, but it would be incomplete without a mention of some other notables in the kid-friendly category: 

GamingWithKev (8.35 million subscribers): 

Kevin Edwards Jr is famous for having a great sense of humour and sharing exciting stories about his personal life on his YouTube channel. He does a great job of exploring the Roblox world in more detail than most other YouTubers. 

Lyna (13.4 million subscribers): 

Evelyn Vallejos uploads her content in Spanish, so as long as your kid doesn’t mind switching on English subtitles or learning Spanish, there is a lot of Roblox content on this channel to keep them engaged.

JuliaMineGirl (9.22 million subscribers): 

This Brazil-based YouTubers switch to Roblox games from Minecraft has been a hit. There is a lot of fun to be had by kids on the channel.

Tofuu (4.11 million subscribers): 

The hilarious commentary makes Tofuu’s Roblox videos stand out. This is one energetic personality that your kids will instantly connect with.

Brianna (7.48 million subscribers ): 

Most of Brianna’s subscribers are kids, and they cannot have enough of her content. Her Roblox videos perfectly appeal to kid Roblox YouTubers.

RyansWorld (32.8 million subscribers): 

This is one famous YouTuber everyone knows about, although he’s just 8 years old. His videos featuring Roblox games that he plays with his parents are a runaway success.

ZaiLetsPlay (2.63 million subscribers): 

Apart from Roblox, most of Zaira’s videos are about family. That makes this a hilarious and engaging channel for tweens and teens.

EthanGamer (3.04 million subscribers): 

Most of Ethan’s subscribers are like him - kids. Ethan started with Roblox videos at seven and hasn’t looked behind.

RonaldOMG (4.18 million subscribers): 

Here’s another child prodigy whose Roblox videos are entertaining and funny, considering he’s just ten years old.

Poke (5.12 million subscribers): 

Another widely popular Roblox YouTuber, his videos are adventurous with a zany twist. Kids love it.

Who is the top Roblox YouTuber?


Speaking strictly in terms of subscribers, Pozzi is currently the top Roblox YouTuber. Hailing from Russia, this gaming fanatic currently boasts over 13 million subscribers and streams a number of other games along with Roblox like Genshin Impact and Minecraft. He might not be the go to choice for your kids considering he primarily streams in Russian and uses language that might not always be suitable for kids. 


Should I let my child watch Roblox YouTubers?


Absolutely. YouTube can be a fascinating place where kids can learn more about Roblox and the different things they can do on the platform, including designing and playing educational games. While your concerns about your kids’ internet usage are valid, it isn’t a good idea to flat out stop them from accessing content. What’s better is having an open conversation and setting rules regarding screen time and the kind of content they watch. 

The internet can be a fascinating place for kids to explore and learn through educational websites, video platforms, and even games like Roblox. You should, however, be mindful of the time your kids spend on the internet. 

While it is important to surf the web and explore new things, this shouldn’t be the reason for your kids’ concerningly high screen time and subsequent mental and physical problems. Always make it a point to engage in healthy conversations about the wonders and dangers of the internet and let the kids know why it is important for them to manage their screen time. 

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