Do Language Learning Podcasts Really Work?


  1. How can I learn a language through podcasts? 
  2. Which language is the easiest to learn using podcasts?
  3. Which podcasts can help me learn French or Spanish?

Learning a language can be at once immensely satisfying, frightening, rewarding, challenging and sometimes, downright confusing. 

According to the language-learning app Duolingo, 30 million people tried to learn a new language in 2020, and English, French Spanish, German, and Italian were the most popular.

The benefits of learning a second language are well-known. Speaking a second tongue can open up many professional and academic opportunities, as well as help you grow personally and intellectually!

There are many different methods of language learning, from apps to traditional classes. You may not have thought about it, but podcasts can also be a great tool for language learning. We’re here to tell you how podcasts can help you wrap your head around learning a new language.learn-a-foreign-language

How can I learn a language through podcasts? 


Whether it’s to start learning a new language or to enhance fluency in one you’re already familiar with, podcasts offer the opportunity to not only study words and sentences but also listen to native speakers converse– a super-important part of upping speaking and listening skills! Here are some tips to help you find the best podcast to learn a new language:

Decide what podcast format works best

There are two types of language podcasts you can listen to Podcasts recorded in the foreign language, and podcasts in English that talk about the foreign language. Listening to a podcast in a foreign language is best suited for students who are a bit further along in their language learning journey to help increase their listening comprehension. However, if you are just starting out, a podcast in English that talks about the foreign language will be less intimidating. 

Take notes to stay focused

It’s easy to zone out when listening to something, especially if you don’t understand all the words! To help you stay focused on your podcast, write down any new words or expressions that you hear along with the translation. Then,  practice these new words as often as possible. If you don’t have someone to speak the language with, even just speaking them aloud will help you feel more comfortable with pronunciation.

Make listening to the podcast as simple as possible

If one podcast episode is too taxing to concentrate on in one go, break it down into 10 to 15-minute chunks to make the task less overwhelming! Try listening to the podcast during other activities, like while tidying your room or during a long car ride.

Use podcasts alongside other learning tools

Listening to podcasts is a great way to increase language comprehension skills, but you’ll need other methods to really learn the language. There are some excellent language-learning apps that work well alongside podcast learning. Old-school books and dictionaries are also a great way to learn, too! 


Which language is the easiest to learn using podcasts?


Subscription-based language app Babbel states that, for English speakers, Norwegian is the easiest language to learn, followed by Swedish, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese, in that order. 

Norwegian and Swedish are easy for English-speakers because the two languages share many cognates with English. What’s a cognate? It’s a word that shares similar meaning, spelling and pronunciation with another. For example, ‘winter’ in Norwegian is ‘vinter’ and ‘summer’ in Swedish is ‘sommar.’ Norwegian and Swedish also share similar sentence structures to English, so there’s less risk of getting your words in a muddle! 

So, if you’re looking to make life a little easier for yourself, seek out some Swedish or Norwegian podcasts. We love Coffee Break Swedish and Practice Norwegian, both of which are available on Spotify. 


Which podcasts can help me learn French or Spanish?


Spanish and French remain two of the most popular languages to learn. We’ve gathered a few handy podcasts that will have you chatting in French and Spanish in no time!

Best French podcasts

If you’re looking for French podcasts for beginners, Coffee Break French is just the ticket. Lasting for 10-15 minutes each, the lessons make learning this romantic language fun and memorable. For a learning French podcast that’s a little more challenging, Learn French by Podcast offers detailed breakdowns of various grammar points and allows time for the listener to repeat sentences. 


If you love a story and want to brush up on your ‘Español’, Simple Stories in Spanish makes learning fun and easy. Another excellent Spanish learning podcast is A Zero To A Hero, which is designed for beginners and follows a learner on her journey, moving between different aspects of the language and beyond.  

Podcasts are a great tool for language learning. However, if you’re looking for a little extra help mastering a new tongue, GoStudent is your solution. We’re the #1 Rated Global Tutoring School, and we’re committed to your success. Book your free trial session and get started on your language learning journey today.