Our Favourite Fun Reading Apps for Kids That They Adore


  1. Why use reading apps for kids?
  2. Learning to read apps
  3. Free learning to read apps
  4. What is the best app for kids reading?
  5. Free reading apps for kids

Who said learning how to read has to be boring? There are a plethora of fabulous reading apps for kids that will make your child think they’re playing a game while they’re learning. We’re going to share the best educational apps to help kids learn to read. All of them have a wow factor that will have your little one bursting with excitement to play (sorry, learn 🤫).

Why use reading apps for kids?


Reading apps are a fantastic way for your little learner to get used to spelling and new words and eventually practice reading. Interactive reading apps are fun for your child so you will be able to entice them to spend more hours developing their skills each week. 🕓

All of our favourite apps have either been approved by the UK Government and/or developed by experts. This means these educational apps will help your kids learn to read while having fun.

We’ll look at beginner reading apps first, then apps that are suitable for children who already have some foundation in spelling and reading. 📙 However, some of these apps have been created with hundreds of hours of games and stories, as well as multiple levels so they can take your child from complete novice to little bookworm. 

Explore each one, see what grabs your child’s attention and let them discover an appreciation for the beauty of words and magical stories. ✨ 


Learning to read apps


In 2020, the UK Government set out to help parents by providing a list of expert-approved apps to help with learning at home. 

The first 2 (Lingumi and Phonics Hero) in our list below made the list for the little ones. The third is another tried and tested favourite.

🐣Lingumi is for kids aged 2-5 and has video-based games as well as speech-recognition games. This app is great for helping your little one learn new words and phrases, grammar structures, and pronunciation through interactive activities. 

🐣 Phonics Hero has more than 850 fun and educational games to help your child improve their reading skills. It teaches kids spelling and gets progressively harder over 26 levels so they can use this app through their early schooling years too.

🐣 Reading Eggs is also great as it includes songs, games, activities, and golden eggs (plus other rewards) to keep your child engaged. Kids can progress through different stages to suit their level with Reading Eggs Junior starting with phonics, which is the method used in the UK to teach kids how to read. 


Free learning to read apps


If you’re looking for good free learning-to-read apps we have 2 that are loved by kids and parents alike. So, what is the best free reading app? We can’t decide between these as each has its own set of benefits. Try them both with your child to see which one lights up their eyes. 🤩

🐹 Starfall is a great free app that has games paired with stories so kids can focus on learning different vowels, sight words, and other topics and see how these work in action in an accompanying story. It’s fun, and interactive, and kids love learning to read with Zac the Rat. 

🐹 CBeebies Storytime app contains free interactive storybooks and there are no ads or in-app purchases which we love. You’ll find a beautiful library with all the classics like Peter Rabbit and the best thing about this app is there are 2 reading modes: reading alone or with a grown-up. 


What is the best app for kids reading?


If your child is already reading or has started learning to spell, there are plenty of great apps to help them practice and progress. These are our favourites and are expert-approved on the UK Government site and the Hungry Little Minds website. 

🐿️ Teach Your Monster to Read is a BAFTA-nominated app that is aimed at children 4 years old and above. This colourful and wacky reading journey will surely excite your child. If you use the computer version, it’s free too. You can also download the app to an Android, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle for a small one-off purchase fee.


Best reading apps for kids: free


There are some fantastic free apps to help reading targeted at young learners. These are our favourites:

🦊 Navigo Game is a free literacy tool that is designed to help primary school students. This app is particularly good if your child is learning English as a foreign language or is struggling with reading. There are more than 900 games included so your kid will never get bored. 

🦊 Fonetti is touted as the world’s first “listening bookshop”. This app listens to your child as they read aloud and changes the word colour as they speak. 

As you can see, there are some very creative reading apps for kids. We’re sure you’ll find something your child adores. 

If you find your child still struggles with certain aspects of literacy, it’s common so don’t panic. It’s always better to address any learning difficulties as soon as possible though.

Why not ask one of our expert tutors for help so they can personalise a plan for your child and give them the confidence and know-how to reach their full potential?