What Are the Easiest A Level Subjects and Are They Worth Taking?


  1. What’s the easiest A-Level?
  2. What is the hardest A-Level to take?
  3. Which subjects are the easiest in Cambridge A Levels
  4. What are the best A-Levels to take?
  5. The easiest A Level, the hardest, or the most respected?


We understand that choosing which A Level to take can be traumatic. You have to consider your whole future and which A Levels support your career goals but you also want to get good grades. Don’t worry, we’re going to let you know the easiest A Level subjects in this tell-all article and give you some pointers in making this important decision. You’re not alone!studying for a levels

What’s the easiest A-Level?


At GoStudent, we often get asked “In your opinion what is the easiest A Level subject to take?” The truth is, we see students struggle with all subjects because everyone has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. What someone finds to be the easiest A Level, another student will find difficult. However, there are some subjects that generally have higher pass rates:

  1. Film Studies
  2. Sociology
  3. Food Studies
  4. Archaeology
  5. Drama
  6. Psychology
  7. Geography
  8. Media Studies
  9. Law
  10. Art

Are A Levels easy if you choose these subjects? That’s all going to be down to you. If you have no interest in archaeology or geography, it’s going to make studying more of a chore. 🙃 At the end of the day, hard work will pay off in any subject.

What A-Level science is the easiest?

The easiest A Level science is Biology because the grade boundaries are lower than in Physics or Chemistry. In that respect, it’s usually considered the easiest A Level science. 

Having said that, Biology and will require plenty of study time. It depends on how your brain works really, as if you prefer applying principles then Physics or Chemistry will be more apt for you. Another consideration is the exam board your school follows as these impact how difficult a subject is perceived to be due to the exams being of different lengths and styles. 

Now you know which science is the easiest at A Level, we recommend taking a look at the different syllabi for the Science subjects to see what appeals to you and make your own mind up. 🙌

Are A-Levels easy?

Even the so-called easiest A level is not a walk in the park. You can’t expect to get away with not studying and also get great grades. Some level of effort will always be involved. For that reason, the easiest A Level for you will be one that:

  • You’re passionate about
  • You’re good at
  • You find interesting

What is the hardest A-Level to take?


You’re probably wondering what the hardest A Level is then. Here are the top 10:

  1. Further Maths
  2. Modern Foreign Languages
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics
  5. Maths
  6. Biology
  7. Computer Science
  8. English Literature
  9. Economics
  10. History

Regardless of whether you’re taking a supposedly “easy” or “hard” A Level, we have A Level tutors who can help with every single subject. Whether you want to boost your grades or need a little one-on-one teaching to really understand a tricky topic, one of our tutors will get you where you need to be. So don’t be put off picking challenging subjects because with the right hard work and support you’ll get there. 


Which subjects are the easiest in Cambridge A Levels


When considering which subjects are the easiest in Cambridge A Levels, we’ve looked at the results for 2021. The following table shows the subjects that the highest percentages of students received an A* in:


Percentage Achieving an A*







Further Mathematics 






Global Perspective & Research









It’s interesting to see which Science subject is easiest in Cambridge A Levels according to the 2021 results as it would suggest that Chemistry is the easiest to get top grades in followed by Biology, then Physics. 


What are the best A-Levels to take?


The best A Levels is a highly subjective topic and for good reason. There’s no point in you taking Film Studies instead of Law if you have dreams of becoming a solicitor. You should choose based on your future, interests, and talents. 

What A-Levels are the most respected?

The most respected A Levels based on academic merit, difficulty, value in the current job market, and workload are:

  1. Further Mathematics
  2. Modern Foreign Languages
  3. Physics
  4. Chemistry
  5. Mathematics
  6. Biology
  7. Psychology
  8. Economics
  9. History
  10. English Literature

The easiest A Level, the hardest, or the most respected?


While typically speaking employers and unis look favourably on the most respected A Levels listed above, even more important is whether they are a prerequisite for further study you’re considering. Some courses require you to have taken one of the so-called easiest A Levels and others the hardest. 

So, the moral of the story is to have fun picking your A Levels and really think about what interests you, what you need for higher education, and if they support future you’s career goals. Don’t shy away from the perceived harder subjects and don’t just run straight for the easiest A Level if it holds no appeal to you. 🎓

If you find you need any help whatsoever when doing your A Levels or as you complete your GCSEs, we have friendly and professional tutors ready to guide you. Feel free to try a 50-minute class for free. Best of luck with all of your studies and we hope you enjoy your A Levels and everything you learn. 

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