How to Create the Perfect Study Space for Your Child


  1. How do you create a study space for kids?
  2. What is the ideal study space?


Have trouble getting your child to sit down and study for exams? We understand the frustration! There are many distractions at home, and even a student committed to school may sometimes struggle with focusing on homework. There is a solution, though! By creating the perfect study space for your child, you can help them get their schoolwork done--and dare we say, they might even enjoy it! We’re here to tell you how to create a beautiful study room for your child. 

How do you create a study space for kids? 📚


Is your child wondering how to study if you don’t have a desk? It can be challenging to focus on schoolwork without a dedicated study space. However, we have some ideas on how to create the perfect study space for your child.

  • Create a special time of day for your child to study in common areas

Your family’s dining room table is likely the center of a lot of activity in the house. While it may be the right physical space for study, the chaos around the table can make it challenging to focus! 

To make the common area an ideal study space, agree as a family that at a certain time of day the table will be the “study zone.” During this time, anyone sitting at the table has to be studying or doing other work. (This includes the grownups!) If there are young children in your house who don’t have to study, occupy them with another quiet activity during this time. 🤫

Not only will creating this designated study time give your child space to focus, but it also will help them learn time management skills! 

  • Make a reading nook 📖

Don’t have space for a desk? Create a reading nook for your child. Find a corner area in the living room, and add some comfy cushions and curtains. This is especially useful for younger children! Children love to build forts, and this is a great way to create a space that is uniquely theirs. With this reading nook, your child will have a designated space to study and read, and will have fun in their own secret hideaway. 

  • Be flexible

You may dislike the idea of your child laying on the couch or in bed as they do their work. But it’s important to remember--all that matters is that they are getting their work done! You don’t need to stress over how to create the perfect study space for your child–let them work where they feel happiest. Save yourself the argument, and allow your child to study where they are most comfortable and most productive. You’ll both be happier in the end!


What is the ideal study space? 📓


If your child is lucky enough to have a bedroom with enough space for a designated study area, there are ways to make it even better. 

  • Get creative with colours 🎨

It can be helpful to create a visual separation between study space and sleeping space in your child’s bedroom, especially if it’s not a large room.  A great way to create this differentiation is by painting an accent wall--wherever the desk is in your child’s room, paint that wall a different colour. Some colours are proven to especially help with focus and alertness, too! Yellow, for example, encourages calmness and creativity, while blue is tranquilising and creates a sense of wellbeing. 🧘

Get your child involved with the process, and invite them along to pick out their own paint colour.   The best colour for study rooms, though, is whatever will get your child to study! Creating their own space will help your child feel more grown-up and more excited about using the study space as intended.

  • Bring nature inside

If you have houseplants, you already know how much they can help you feel calm, productive, and happy. The options for houseplants are seemingly endless, but the best plants for study rooms are easy to find. We love a sansevieria, which is easy to keep alive, even if it’s an absent-minded preteen taking care of it! The ponytail palm is equally as resilient, as is the pothos. Studies have found that plants can help improve memory and concentration as well--another great reason to add them to your child’s study space! 

  • Seek out some inspiration

Make finding an amazing study room design a fun experience for you and your child! Browse Pinterest and Instagram, or even flip through some traditional home decor magazines. A study room revamp is a great idea especially for a child entering secondary school and seeking a more grown-up space. Work together to determine how to organise a study room--you might be surprised just how much fun you and your child have! 

Finding the ideal place to study at home can be challenging for any student. However, with a bit of creativity and planning, you can figure out how to create the perfect study space for your child. 

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