The 4 Christmas Presents You Should Definitely Not Buy Your Child


  1. Cymbals 
  2. Toys without batteries 
  3. Things that won’t arrive on time
  4. Low quality single use items
  5. Christmas is more than just the gifts


Imagine that it’s Christmas Day. Your darling child, in a state of chocolate-fuelled frenzy, is marching over used wrapping paper in their new Christmas jumper, singing Jingle Bells whilst ungraciously slamming together the deafening cymbals which Santa (read: their insufferable Aunt) has just bought them. Hell! Sheer and utter hell.

If you have a small child, you know exactly what we’re talking about! We all love Christmas but there are some presents you should definitely NOT get your children. Find out what those are right here.present-gift-christmas

Cymbals (or anything that will generate a lot of irritating noises)


Apologies to all of the budding cymbalists, percussionists and lovers of noise who take this sort of thing seriously: this does not apply to you. However, for the 99.9% of people who do not believe that your child will have significant academic or social benefit from loud percussion instruments, it might be wise to avoid giving them gifts that we will later regret. 💥🙉 

The only thing worse than savage clashes of the cymbals is the electronic droning of the otamatone – an instrument which was forged in the innermost ring of hell to cause eternal suffering to adults all over the world. If you care for everyone else in the household, avoid! 🤪

Joking aside, musical instruments, if bought responsibly, can be excellent ideas – yes, even the otamatone. But never buy them for someone else’s children. There are actually lots of benefits when it comes to listening to music (just maybe not cymbals)! 


Toys without batteries! 


The only thing more irritating than a chocolate-fuelled child with cymbals is a chocolate-fuelled child who is disappointed because their new cool toy doesn’t have batteries and the shops aren’t open for another two days 🔋🙀. To avoid disappointment, check the labels, see what’s included and be prepared!


Things that won’t arrive on time 


It sounds stupid but if there is a chance it won’t arrive on time, don’t risk it! There is nothing more stressful than worrying on the eve of Christmas Eve Googling what hour/minute/second the postal service works until. Helpful tip: the last recommended postal date for this year for 2nd class items is Saturday 18th December but there are no guarantees. 

With the disruption to logistics caused by Brexit and Coronavirus, we will likely experience more distribution issues this Christmas so wise up and where possible source local. Don’t forget that while Amazon can be cheap and convenient it is not always the most ethical. 


Low quality and single use items 


On the note of unethical purchases: low quality tat which will break on the day you open it should probably be avoided. We probably all remember that moment from our childhood when we got a doll whose arm fell off on day one. 

On a serious note… Countless Christmas presents only get played with or used on the day they are opened and then end up forgotten and covered in dust. We need to start taking greater responsibility for the waste that we produce and the best gift we can give the next generation is a serious attempt to take action against climate change and global warming – it is their future we are fighting for. 

Toys are not the only issue here, Christmas jumpers which are only ever worn once or twice a year are also really bad ideas – not only because of their gaudy colour schemes but also because of their environmental impact. Remember that each gift you purchase has a carbon footprint and, before you choose to buy something, its carbon footprint should be weighed up against your child’s future. 

If you want to find something educational, wholesome and a bit more environmentally focused, you can read our article about the top ten Montessori toys to buy for children


Remember that Christmas is not just about the gifts 


Whilst Christmas can be a time for showing people how much we love them by buying them gifts it can also be a really good opportunity to teach children some valuable lessons about life. If their happiness is dictated by the quantity or worth of gifts they receive (like Dudley from Harry Potter) then perhaps this Christmas is an opportunity to remind them of people who are less fortunate who don’t get the things that we do. There are countless children who suffer on Christmas and making a donation as a gift can be an excellent way of teaching your child the value of charity

Not all parents can afford to shower their children with gifts (and many who can choose not to). If this is you, don’t feel disheartened – there are countless ways to make Christmas special on a budget. If you want some artsy ideas, you can read our wholesome GoStudent guide on fun Christmas crafts to try at home. 🎄

Whatever your plans are and whatever your faith, all of us here at the GoStudent Team would like to wish you a happy holiday! 

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