Fun Christmas Crafts to Try at Home


  1. DIY Christmas crafts for kids
  2. How to make: Father Christmas and Rudolph
  3. Christmas crafts with loo rolls: Santa's elf
  4. Christmas crafts with paper: hand print garland
  5. Easy crafts: Christmas tree

Crafting with kids at home is both tons of fun and inexpensive! This Christmas, you and your little ones can easily make some wonderful festive creations without breaking the bank. All of the crafts listed here can be made from things you find lying around the house. Whatever you and your child choose to create, the most important thing is to spend some quality time together this holiday season. arts and crafts

DIY Christmas crafts for kids 


Christmas is all about spending time with family and creating memories. Who doesn’t love receiving a homemade gift from a child for Christmas? So whether your child fancies making gifts for friends and family or simply getting crafty for fun, crank up the Christmas music, grab some glue, scissors and cardboard and get ready to get creative.

The best part about the Christmas crafts listed here? You can easily create meaningful,  personalised Christmas decorations that can be used anywhere in the house. Making them every year will make for a fun and lasting Christmas tradition! 🎉

If you're looking to decorate your Christmas tree with something original and eco-friendly or you want an adorable item to hang on the wall, try one of these wonderful Christmas crafts for kids.


How to make: Father Christmas and Rudolph


Whether your child still believes in Father Christmas or not, it's always fun to create DIY Christmas crafts. It doesn't take much to make Christmas creations out of materials you already have at home, such as buttons, scraps of fabric, paper or  even materials you can pick up on a walk, like leaves and sticks. Recyclable materials offer a lot of possibilities if you’re willing to get creative!

All of you need is:

  • Paper plates
  • Red cardboard
  • White cardboard
  • Festive wrapping paper
  • Coloured pens
  • Cotton wool or fabric scraps 
  • Scissors (safety scissors for younger children)
  • Glue stick
  • To make Father Christmas, cut the paper plate in half and paint the whole bottom pink, this will be his face. 
  • Make a triangle of red cardboard slightly larger than the plate, the tip of the triangle will become the hat and the bottom part the body. 
  • Now glue the plate onto the triangle. 
  • Draw the eyes and moustache on white card and cut them out. ✂️ If you are not very good at drawing details, you can print out eyes and moustaches from a template on the internet. 
  • Glue down the eyes, moustache, a red dot for the nose and finally a cotton ball for the pompom on the tip of the hat. 
  • For the reindeer: draw and cut out a triangle on the cardboard. With the tip of the triangle pointing downwards, you will have the reindeer's nose. 
  • Draw the horns, they don't have to be perfect, just draw rectangles and trim off the corners. 
  • With the leftover cardboard, make two small ears.
  • All you need to do is put the pieces together and add eyes 👀 and a nose, like the ones you made for Father Christmas. Ta-da!

Christmas crafts with loo roll: Santa's elf


Find out here how to make the perfect Christmas craft using just a humble roll of toilet paper.

You will need:

  • A roll of toilet paper 
  • Coloured cardboard
  • Coloured markers
  • Scissors 
  • Glue sticks

  • First, cut a strip of coloured card and stick it around the toilet paper roll. It's important to leave about half of the roll uncovered, so you can draw the eyes and nose on this part. 
  • At the top of the roll, glue a triangle of cardboard to form the elf hat. 
  • Now all that's missing are the details: decorate the hat, the belt of the jacket and the collar with the colours of your choice, using leftover cardboard or felt-tip pens. 

Christmas crafts with paper: hand print garland 


Christmas is a time for handicrafts. What could be more original than a Christmas decoration made from hand prints? 🙏 The hands of family members are essential when it comes to making this Christmas craft. 👪

Here’s a list of materials you’ll need.

  • Light and dark green cardboard
  • Wrapping cardboard
  • Coloured markers
  • Stickers
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • The first step is to create a hard cardboard circle which will be the base of the garland. Recycled cardboard from old boxes 🗳️ will work just fine. 
  • Place your hand, your child’s hand, and the hands of other family members on the green card and draw around them with a pencil. 
  • Cut out the hand shapes. This is the longest part of the job as you will need about 20 hand prints. 
  • Once the hands are ready, glue them onto the rigid cardboard base, overlapping them so that the cardboard underneath can’t be seen. 
  • To decorate the garland, you can glue on stickers, glitter, and small coloured balls. 
  • Finally, thread a ribbon between your hands and the cardboard base.

Easy DIY Christmas crafts: Christmas tree


Ever folded a sheet of paper accordion style to make a fan? This Christmas craft for preschool children is super easy and you can use it as a placeholder at the festive table. 🕯️

You'll need: 

  • Green cardboard
  • Scraps of coloured cardboard
  • Stickers
  • A stapler
  • Take a rectangle of green cardboard. You can choose rectangles of different sizes and different shades of green to make some other trees. 
  • Fold the cardboard accordion style.
  • When you have folded the whole rectangle, fasten the end with a staple. 
  • Spread the opposite end of the card to form the base of the Christmas tree. 🎄 
  • You're almost done! All you need to do now is cut out a few balls from the leftover card and a star for a finali. Ta-da! A wonderful homemade Christmas tree. ⭐