40 Trivia Questions For Kids To Have Fun While Learning


  1. Game idea among friends: general knowledge quiz with fun trivia questions
  2. Trivia questions for kids with answers


Have you invited friends over for an afternoon at home but are running out of ideas on how to spend the time? Or maybe you have ideas but the rain has ruined your plans?

Instead of bringing up the usual video games and spending yet another day in front of the screen, engage your friends in a general knowledge quiz, fun is guaranteed! 🥳40 Trivia Questions For Kids

Game idea among friends: general knowledge quiz with fun trivia questions 


Everyone likes quizzes because they allow you to test your own knowledge and challenge others'. If you've played Trivial Pursuit before, you know how competitive this game can get. 😏

What are you waiting for? Challenge your friends and become the general knowledge champion. 🙋

How to organize the game:

  • Get some colored cards (one for each quiz category: history in yellow, music in blue, etc...)
  • Cut out small rectangles and on each one write the question on one side and the corresponding answer on the other side
  • Divide your friends into two teams that will compete to answer as many questions correctly as possible.

The quiz works in a very simple way:

  • One team chooses a category and draws a card with the question to ask the other team
  • If the team answers the first question correctly, it moves on to a second question, otherwise the turn goes to the other team
  • When the cards are used up (or time if you decide to play with a timer), the team that answers the most questions correctly wins. 🎯 

✳️ To make the game more dynamic (and throw off your opponents) you can add two incorrect alternatives to the correct answer.

👉 Remember: general knowledge quizzes are also a great way to review before an exam or question. Make a list of questions pertaining to your subject of study and invite your classmates home for a session of review in "challenge" mode.


Trivia questions for kids with answers


Here are 40 Trivia questions for kids to have a fun quiz evening to entertain your friends.

General culture questions: history

  1. Who was Anne Boleyn's husband (Henry VIII)?
  2. In what year did World War I begin? (1914)
  3. Where was Christopher Columbus born? (Genoa)
  4. Which emperor designed the Colosseum (Titus Flavius Vespasian).
  5. Who was the first president of the Italian Republic? (Enrico De Nicola)

General culture questions: geography

  1. How many Aeolian islands are there (7: Lipari, Panarea, Vulcano, Stromboli, Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi)
  2. What is the capital of Mozambique? (Maputo)
  3. Which ocean is the largest? (The Pacific Ocean).
  4. What is the smallest state in the world? (The Vatican)
  5. Is Russia or Brazil bigger? (Russia)

General culture questions: science

  1. Is a red giant or a white dwarf older? (A white dwarf)
  2. Is the bat a mammal?(Yes)
  3. What is the largest known animal? (The blue whale).
  4. Where is the smallest bone in the human body located? (In the ear)
  5. What plant do koalas eat? (Eucalyptus)

General culture questions: art

  1. Who painted the "Guernica"? (Picasso)
  2. Which Italian sculptor carved the work "Amore e Psiche"? (Antonio Canova)
  3. What kind of artist is Banksy? (Street artist)
  4. Who painted the painting "The Sunflowers"? (Vincent Van Gogh)
  5. What is the name of the museum of modern art in New York City? (MOMA)

General culture questions: literature

  1. Who wrote "The Prince?" (Niccolo Machiavelli)
  2. How many cantos are there in the Divine Comedy? (100)
  3. In what year is the first edition of I Betrothed.? (1827)
  4. Which Italian poet was in love with Laura? (Francesco Petrarch)
  5. Who wrote the poem "M'illumino d'immenso"? (Giuseppe Ungaretti)

General culture questions: music

  1. What is the country of origin of the Beatles? (United Kingdom)
  2. Which Italian composer wrote the soundtrack for the movie "Once Upon a Time in America"? (Ennio Morricone)
  3. What is the name of the musical trio in which singer Beyoncé began her career? (Destiny's Child)
  4. Who sings "Volare?" (Domenico Modugno)
  5. What instrument does Giovanni Allevi play? (The piano)

General culture questions: sports

  1. Which athlete has won the most Olympic medals in the history of the Olympics? (Michael Phelps)
  2. What is the national sport of the Philippines? (Basketball)
  3. What sport does Italian athlete Fabio Fognini play? (Tennis)
  4. What are Italian rhythmic gymnastics athletes called? (Butterflies)
  5. How many players are on a baseball team? (9)

General culture questions: current affairs

  1. Who is Italy's first female astronaut? (Samantha Cristoforetti)
  2. What is the tallest skyscraper in the world? (The Burj Khalifa in Dubai).
  3. What is the name of the current emperor of Japan? (Naruhito)
  4. What is the most populous city in Italy? (Rome)
  5. Who is (in 2022) the richest man in the world? (Elon Musk)

Now you have all the makings of a fun afternoon with your friends, but if our Trivia questions for kids aren't enough for you, check out these anti-boredom games and these ideas for DIY.

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