Top TikTok Accounts for Teachers and Tutors


  1. What is TikTok and who uses it?
  2. Who is the most followed teacher on TikTok?
  3. Can teachers do TikTok?
  4. Why teachers should use TikTok? 

If you work as a teacher or a tutor, it is almost impossible not to have noticed – at some point or other – kids doing a TikTok dance.

TikTok, the fastest growing brand, has given kids all over the world an urge to dance, lip-sync, share their political ideology, and flood the internet with cat videos. Read on to find out what TikTok is, how it affects children, and why you, as an educator, need to know about it.tutor using tiktok

What is TikTok and who uses it? 


TikTok is a social media platform that's been crowned the fastest growing brand in the world. It's a social media platform on which users post short videos of…. well… literally anything! 

Whether it is the world of fashion, a random challenge which no one really understands how it started or why it exists, or tips on how to care for plants narrated by a weird robot voice, TikTok has it all. It even has dedicated accounts just for teachers: there are accounts by teachers, accounts for teachers, and accounts dedicated to those weird and humorous things that only people who work with kids can really understand. 

As an educator, it is nothing short of your moral duty to keep up with the latest trends. 😇

With over 3 billion downloads and 50 million active daily users, TikTok is used by people from all over the world. According to Backlinko

  • 25% of TikTok’s active user's accounts are people aged 10-19.
  • 22.4% of TikTok’s active user's accounts are 20-29.
  • 21.7% of TikTok’s active user's accounts are 30-39.
  • 20.3% of TikTok’s active user's accounts are 40-49.
  • 11% of TikTok’s active user's accounts are 50+.

This means that the largest group of people using TikTok are children, which is exactly who we work with at GoStudent


Who is the most followed teacher on TikTok?


@gostudent_life. Ok, we'll admit that we're not (yet) the most followed teacher TikTok account. 😜 But GoStudent has just acquired Seneca Learning and we'rere quickly working our way to the top. Watch this space and follow us

There are hundreds of teachers on TikTok trying to get famous. Some of them even have millions of followers! So here is a breakdown of some of the TikTok teachers you might want to follow:

  • Mrs Kelly

With an impressive 1.5M followers, math teacher @the_mrskelly has some great visual tricks to help children do math! If you teach maths, watch what she does and make notes! 📝 

  • Lessons with Lewis 

If you want to laugh at some of the rather ridiculous differences between elementary school and high school pupils be sure to follow @lessonswithlewis. They grow up so fast. And become super sassy super fast.

  • Josh Monroe

Possibly one of the most wholesome Teacher TikTok accounts, @mrmonroeandnala is run by the teacher we all wish we had in elementary school. Also, he brings his dog Nala to school. An absolute win and a great reason to follow his account! 🐶

  • Learning with Heidi 

Teaching reading to elementary school kids? Then @learningwithheidi is a must-follow account with lots of tips and tricks on what she calls ‘the science of reading’. 📚 Heidi’s account also explores best practice sharing ideas such as teaching skills, not words

  • Teaching On Tables 

Want to decorate your teaching space with plants? Then check out @teachingontables’ account! She is also an advocate of teachers having social media accounts that children can follow claiming that it shows them the real world rather than the facade of teachers having no life and living in closets. 

  • Mr. McClintock

With self-identified ‘wholesomely cringe content’ @mr.mctiktok managed to build up a follower base of 2.3 million TikTok users. He posts videos from the classroom – many of which have absolutely no value other than mild humor and major cringe (but wholesome cringe). He is basically just a child in an adult body who happens to work in education. Watch, enjoy, and maybe don’t copy… 🤷

  • Emily Writer 

If you want an account with plenty of teacher tips and some happy-go-lucky kinda videos, you can check out @ms.writer13. She also has some important posts about the importance of focusing on teachers’ mental health

  • Mr. Knight 

Maths Teacher @jknight5253 posts a combination of videos. Some of which are just silly and in some of them he talks about the joys and hardships of teaching. Great for knowing what goes through the minds of cool young teachers. 

  • Ms. Callahan 

As it says on her bio, ‘here to make you laugh’. If you just want to watch a math teacher dance and lip-sync you should check out @funny_maths_teacher posts. Lots of feel-good content. She even posted about her engagement which got her followers all aflutter. 

  • Mr. Holeman

Even though he has left the profession and is no longer a teacher, Brandon Holeman @bcholeman posts some inspirational and motivational messages that are worth hearing. Oh, and he’s funny too! 

  • Bored Teachers 

Do teachers have time to be bored? Apparently so! @bored_teachers has a collection of videos that humorously highlight the joys, struggles, and randomness which come with working with children. Definitely worth watching if you need a pick-me-up! 

  • Teacher Luke 

Teacher Luke teaches all sorts of colloquialisms and slang for people who might be learning English as a second language. Follow @english_with_teacherluke to check out some of his – at times sassy – videos on mastering the English language. Warning, if you leave a comment criticizing his videos, make sure you use correct grammar or he might just roast you to his 1.1 million followers… 😳

  • Ms. James

Enough small talk, time for the big guns. 💪 With 3.2 million followers, @iamthatenglishteacher has some great videos about learning English. It’s clear that her students know the difference between their ‘there’, 'their' and ‘they’re’! 


Can teachers do TikTok?


Well, there is the question ‘can teachers do TikTok’ and ‘should teachers do TikTok’. As our list of celebrity TikTok teachers shows, some teachers can make it big. The question of whether it’s safe for teachers to do TikTok is a whole other issue in itself. Naturally, it depends. Here are some of our tips: 

  • Can a teacher have a TikTok account? Sure, why not? ✅ 
  • Is it cool to follow other teachers? It’s a free country! ✅ 
  • Can I post my own videos? In theory, this is fine but there are some serious no-nos. If your children see what you post and it is in any way inappropriate (swearing, sexual references, drinking, pole dancing, etc…) you could get fired. It is important to remember that not everyone is as liberal as you might be. 
  • Posting a video from your empty classroom? This is ill-advised as it opens the possibility of a data breach (this can even be something simple like revealing a child’s name). ❌
  • Following students online? Never never never. ❌
  • Having a student follow your account (assuming it is not private)? Grey area and is best avoided! ❌

A digital footprint is a thing and schools and parents can never be too safe when it comes to safeguarding. The best thing to do is avoid posting yourself. 


Why teachers should use TikTok


Teachers and tutors should use TikTok for many reasons – to break it down and also quote one of the best cowboy movies of all time: ‘there is the good, the bad and the ugly!’ 

The good 

There are many good reasons for teachers to use TikTok. First and foremost, if done in moderation, it can be super fun. TikTok is genuinely full of really fun content to make you smile and perk up your day! 

Aside from the fun, there is lots of professional content which can help you with your tutoring and teaching. Social media platforms such as TikTok can be a great way to connect with like-minded people who share the same passions, problems, and beliefs as you do. Whether the content focuses on how to pass tests or how to successfully apply for university, TikTok has it covered and educators can pick up on some of the tips and tricks of the trade. 

It is sometimes good to see what the students see. 👀 TikTok is used to help children learn about social justice issues and has been used to promote important life lessons which help make society a better place. Whether it is signing a petition or learning about oppression, TikTok has engaged children and young people with social justice campaigns ranging from LGBTQ+ to Black Lives Matter. As well as the cat videos and the bad lip syncs, it is a platform for social justice. It’s good to know what movements are trending with children. 

The bad 

It is important to know that TikTok has a bad side which can lead to lots of problems that educators need to be aware of. 

As professionals with a duty of care for children, teachers and tutors need to know how to prevent social media bullying. Being on those social media platforms allows educators to better understand the context in which that bullying might be taking place. Like the rest of the internet, TikTok can be a dangerous place so it's important to be aware of how to keep kids safe on TikTok.

The ugly

Educators need to be careful about their digital footprint and make sure they remain professional. Safeguarding issues apply online in the same ways they do in real life – maybe even more! ⚠️ As tutors, it is important that you're aware of the standards which are imposed in the professional field. 

The world of social media is ever-growing and ever-changing. It influences the ways children think, the way they learn, and ultimately the way teachers teach. If you work with children, it’s good to keep up. 

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