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How To Become an Astronaut and What To Study

Becoming an astronaut is a dream for many children. Find out what it takes to become an astronaut and how you can help your child.

Helping Your Child with Telling the Time

Need to teach your child this vital life skill? Download our Telling the Time PDF to support your child learn to tell the time the right way.

Fruits and vegetables in season: Monthly calendar to download!

Learn here about the fruits and vegetables in season and it will be easier for you to have a healthy life with yourself and the environment.

These Are The Best End Of The Year Gifts For Students (Take A Look!)

Happy with your child’s exam performance? They deserve a present! Find out the best end of school year gifts for students here.

Thinking About Educating At Home? Make Sure You Consider Homeschooling Pros And Cons

Homeschooling is a great choice for many students, but it has some advantages and also some drawbacks. If you want to know the homeschooling pros and cons,this is your article. Check out the disadvantages of homeschooling and how to overcome them.

The 3 Best Science Experiments For Kids That Will Also Help The Environment

Science is very interesting and being able to teach it with experiments for kids makes it fun as well.

Maria Montessori, Biography Of The Woman Who Revolutionized Education

Maria Montessori revolutionized education with her method, but who was this woman really? Find out in the article.

How long does it take to learn a foreign language?

Discover how long it takes to learn a foreign language as well as methods and tips to learn faster!

Negative Effects Of Technology On Teenagers (What Experts Say)

How to help your child avoid the negative effects of technology on teenagers? Find out what the experts say and what you can do with GoStudent's advice!

40 Trivia Questions For Kids To Have Fun While Learning

40 Trivia questions for kids to challenge your friends to the ultimate quiz.

The Best Tips On How To Write An Introduction For An Essay Successfully

Do you want to know how to write an introduction for an essay? Our teacher reveals a foolproof method to succeed!

The history of GoStudent: from homework chat to EdTech unicorn

From WhatsApp homework chat to Unicorn, from Vienna to all over the world - in this article you'll learn all about the incredible story of GoStudent!

How To Write An Essay? Tips And Tricks To Do It Perfectly

Discover our tips and tricks to know how to write an essay like a professional writer. It’s easier than you think!

An Intro to Google Classroom: Top Tips and Tricks for Tutors

Just getting started with Google Classroom? Let GoStudent walk you through all the best tips and tricks to get the most out of your virtual classroom.

This Is How You Thrive as a Blended Family

These days, many families are so-called ‘blended families’ – made up of stepchildren and step-parents. Find out how to succeed as a blended family here.

The Perfect Montessori Activity for Every Age to Enjoy

Discover a Montessori activity to help your child learn and grow at home. We'll tell you how to set them. We guarantee fun for everyone involved!

Interview With Kike Esnaola: Being LGBT+ Throughout Adolescence

In GoStudent's interviews we talk to real people about real experiences. On this occasion, and on the occasion of LGBT+ Pride month, we wanted to chat with Kike Esnaola.

Montessori Education Explained

Read our Learning Expert’s explanation about the Montessori education system, it’s methods, advantages and disadvantages.

Our Guide to Teenage Depression Symptoms and Helping a Depressed Teen

Do you think your teen may be experiencing teenage depression symptoms? Here’s how depression in teens may manifest, and how you can help your kid.

Why Is Your Child Swearing and How Should You Discipline Them?

Understand the top reasons behind child swearing and discover the best ways to discipline and respond to your child when it happens.

Diana Baumrind Parenting Styles: Why and How They Matter to Your Child

The Diana Baumrind parenting styles have been used by psychologists for decades. How can they can help you as a parent and ultimately your child?

Why Are Routines important for children How to Set a Family Schedule

The importance of routines for children is super significant. Click here to find out why and learn how to create a family schedule that keeps everyone happy.

Why You Should Celebrate Famous People With Dyslexia With Your Child

Dyslexia is one of the most misunderstood learning difficulties. Read our guide about why you should be celebrating your dyslexia as the gift of genius.

6 Fun Zoom Icebreakers to Use in the Online Classroom

Got a new bunch of students to teach? Want to break the ice with them? Here are some great Zoom icebreakers to get things started in a fun way.

Great Moments in Parenting: How to Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike

It’s much easier than you think to teach your kid to ride a bike! Click here to check out our no-fuss guide to training your little cyclist.

How to Co-parent Smoothly: Our Top 5 Tips

Find out how co-parenting can be a nurturing experience for both you and your children through these simple, yet mindful steps.

The Benefits of Meditation with Kids

Meditation is becoming more and more popular, but what are the benefits of meditating for kids? Have a look at our overview here.

Helicopter Parenting: What Is it and What Effect Does it Have on Kids?

We give you the lowdown on what helicopter parenting entails, the pros and cons, and how to limit this behaviour.

How Much Sleep do Children Need? Tips to Avoid Tired Tantrums

Getting enough sleep is crucial to your child’s health and happiness. Find out how to ensure your child gets the proper amount of rest every night.

The Best Confidence Building Activities for Happy, Healthy Kids

Is your child struggling with their self-esteem? Read on to find our best confidence-building activities for kids.