How To Write An Essay? Tips And Tricks To Do It Perfectly


  1. How to write an essay in English?
  2. How do you write the introduction to an essay? 
  3. How do I conclude an essay?


If you are in secondary school or you are even studying at university, you've probably been asked to write an essay, this is one of the tests that students dread so much. 

In this article we want to help you and teach you how to write an essay. From the introduction to the conclusion, we explain everything you need to know to pass the test with flying colors! Keep reading because you are going to end up looking like a professional writer! How To Write An Essay

How to write an essay in English?


The methodology of an essay follows simple but precise rules. What is valued is structure, arguments and examples. Let's look at this in detail.

Analyze the subject

🧐To write an essay, it's important to start by analyzing the topic to understand the theme and identify the main keywords. 

✅From there, you can jot down all the ideas that come to mind, order them and build a plan.

The importance of structure

The structure of an essay is the same as that of most of the texts. Writing an essay therefore requires organizing your ideas into different parts that follow a detailed and apparent plan. 

1️⃣An introduction that introduces the topic and the angle from which you will approach it.

2️⃣A development, in two or three parts of equal length, each of which corresponds to a main idea. 💡

But that's not all 🤯 ! Each part is itself divided into two or three subparts in which an argument followed by an example must be presented.

3️⃣And finally, a conclusion that answers the question posed and suggests further thoughts.

⚠️Attention must be paid to:

👉Skip a line after the introduction, between each part of the development and before the conclusion.

👉Within each of the two (or three) parts of the development, go to the line and indent each new argument.

👉At the end, take at least 10 minutes to proofread your essay and correct any grammatical errors! 🧐


How do you write the introduction to an essay? 


The introduction to an essay, like an essay, consists of three parts:

1️⃣A catchphrase : this is to attract the reader's attention by immediately projecting him or her into the topic. 

For example:

  • A current event ("Today, in the United States...").
  • A historical fact ("The Renaissance was a time of censorship...").
  • A received idea ("We often tend to think that...").

2️⃣The problem, that is, the problem raised by the question. 

For example:

"How did Renaissance authors enable the emergence of modern democracy?"

3️⃣The announcement of the plan: this is, in one or two sentences, to announce the development that will follow. Generally like this:

"In the first part, we will see that the authors of the renaissance... before analyzing how the monarchy... Finally, we will see how.... "


How do I conclude an essay?


This is the last memory the reader (normally a teacher) has of your work, so it should not be overlooked! The conclusion consists of two parts.

1️⃣A summary of the essay: this is a two-sentence summary of the entire essay to answer the question posed in a nuanced way.

2️⃣The opening : It may seem paradoxical but the conclusion is not an end in itself. It is necessary to broaden the question posed by proposing to the corrector other lines of thought related to the subject.

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