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Maria Vole

Maria is a GoStudent learning expert originally from Norway, but based in London. She holds a Masters degree from The University of Edinburgh and has long experience in teaching languages to both children and adults. Maria has a strong interest in education and is eager to make you learn more on developing your kid’s study skills.

This Is How You Thrive as a Blended Family

These days, many families are so-called ‘blended families’ – made up of stepchildren and step-parents. Find out how to succeed as a blended family here.

Our Guide to Teenage Depression Symptoms and Helping a Depressed Teen

Do you think your teen may be experiencing teenage depression symptoms? Here’s how depression in teens may manifest, and how you can help your kid.

The Benefits of Meditation with Kids

Meditation is becoming more and more popular, but what are the benefits of meditating for kids? Have a look at our overview here.

Why Learn Spanish? 5 Top Benefits of Learning to Speak Spanish

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A Parent’s Guide to Dealing With Shyness in Kids

Shyness in children is common. If you’re wondering why your child is shy and how you can best help them overcome it, check out our tips!

How to Deal With Asperger's in Children

Do you think your child might have Asperger’s? Asperger’s can be difficult to deal with. Take a look at our guide on Asperger’s in children.

Learning With the Feynman Technique

There are many learning methods out there, and the Feynman Technique is a very popular one. Check out our guide to this great learning technique.